Career Tips

Are you struggling to create a cover letter to land your dream job? Resume Prime gives you a list of superb tips you can use in cover letter writing.
Career Tips

Here’s the Secret to an Effective Cover Letter in Job Hunting

Job-hunting is never easy. Along your journey, you must exhibit right techniques and job-seeking hacks to land your dream job. You’re quite familiar with job …

team activity about employee engagement ideas
Career Tips

Employee Engagement Ideas and Ways to Connect with Your Team

Keeping your team engaged goes far beyond company outings, free food, or a free Wi-Fi lounge. Yes, employees appreciate these perks, but they do little …

Career Tips

16 Ideal Jobs Based on Your Personality Type

Do you want to find out the perfect job for you? First, click this link to take the test and determine your personality type; then, …

man on hilltop celebrating career success
Career Tips

7 Ways to Achieve Career Success in Your Chosen Field

Because the world has become so competitive, you must unleash your best skills to secure your share of victory. While there might be no blueprint …

working from home workstation
Career Tips

8 Smooth Ways to Stay Focused while Working from Home

Working from home has many beautiful perks: it saves you time and money to commute, saves you work outfits to wear, and makes you comfortable …

bored at work
Career Tips

7 Incredible Ways to be Productive at Work [Infographic]

There are a lot of reasons why you lack excitement at workplace. Some of the reasons are your boss and familiarity with the tasks, coupled …

office Christmas party
Career Tips

The Dos and Don’ts of Christmas Party Celebrations in the Office

Many companies celebrate office Christmas party. It’s a special company event when employees will gather and mingle with one another. There are fun games, exchanging …

gifts: gift-giving at work
Career Tips

5 Unique Ways to Make Gift-Giving at Work Extra Special

Holidays are just around the corner. Thus, few days from now and everyone will be busy for parties and reunions. Before you get excited in …

horrible colleagues
Career Tips

6 Horrible Colleagues That Make You Want to Scream

You might have heard a lot of horror stories from books and movies. But nothing is more terrifying than coming to work with horrible colleagues …

celebrate diversity: office drama
Career Tips

7 Effective Tips to Deal with Office Drama Kings and Queens

Office drama comes in different forms: trash-talking, gossiping, popularity contests, office breakups, or exclusive groups – which may result in conflict among colleagues. If you’re …

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