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job search fails
Job Search Needs

6 Little Known Secrets Why Job Search Fails [Infographic]

Most people views a job interview as an opportunity to amplify their chances in landing the job spot. While it sounds exciting to get an …

A man in the middle of the city suffering from job search rejection
Job Search Needs

4 Best Ways to Deal with Job Search Rejection

Job rejection could be disheartening, especially if you applied for your dream job and even reached the final interview phase. It could be as painful …

Handshake with interviewer
Job Search Needs

Does Your Interview Body Language Prevent Your Job Hunt Success?

When people tell you actions speak louder than words, sometimes you can’t help but roll your eyes about this age-old advice. It tells you to …

applicant thinking
Job Search Needs

7 Key Points to Consider in Declining a Job Offer

Saying “NO” to a job offer doesn’t come easy. Job seekers experience pressure a lot and guilt often builds up. But worry no more, because …

Job Search Needs

Job Search Advice to Find Your Way Out of Unemployment

Do you need help finding a job? Perhaps you have been jobless for too long and are clueless on where to start. Searching for a …

man worrying about job hunting myths
Job Search Needs

The Truth behind Common Job Hunting Myths and Misconceptions

Spending more time listening and worrying about the suggestions of other people than polishing your resume won’t do you any good. They’re just job hunting …

Business People During Interview
Job Search Needs

Perfect Answers for Hard to Crack Questions in a Job Interview

Why do recruiters always ask similar questions? Why are hiring managers from different companies and industries interested in the same answers? In addition, did they …

Person with disability sitting on a wheelchair
Job Search Needs

How to Disclose Your Disability to a Possible Employer

Where can you find the drive to write a resume for job seekers with disability? As a person with disability (PWD), you can check out …

resume prime job interview advice
Job Search Needs

Job Interview Advice and Tips to Beat a Bad One

It’s hard to say whether you’re doing well in a job interview or not, but it’s even more difficult to read the interviewer’s body language. …

modern job search facts
Job Search Needs

5 Modern Job-Search Facts Every Applicant Should Know

The job search process has transformed over the last two decades. The Internet, for one, has transformed the way we apply for jobs these days. …

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