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A man surprised after learning the smart ways to answering illicit interview questions
Job Search Needs

Smart Ways on How to Handle These 5 Illicit Interview Questions

During a job interview, you might feel as if your interviewer is on the driver’s seat taking you to places you are wary to go. …

group job interview tips
Job Search Needs

10 Smart and Useful Tips to Stand Out in a Group Job Interview

A job interview gives you the chance to prove you’re the right person for the position. It’s your chance, too, to impress the hiring manager. …

notebook as an essential job interview tools
Job Search Needs

Essential Things Every Job Seeker Must Bring in a Job Interview

Congratulations on getting a job interview! Are you excited? According to, job interviews are more about preparation than execution. Meaning, the more prepared you …

fireworks: job search resolutions
Job Search Needs

2017 New Year’s Resolutions Job Seekers Must Follow

In only a few days after Christmas, we’re all going to be busy preparing for New Year’s Eve. For job seekers, it’s a perfect time …

Christmas holiday job hunting
Job Search Needs

Awesome Tips to a Successful Job Hunting During the Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to job hunting. It’s almost Christmas, are you now busy shopping for gifts – or searching the job market for opportunities? Employers …

social media icons
Job Search Needs

The Many Advantages of Using Social Media in Your Job Search

If you’re reluctant to use social media in searching for opportunities, these advantages may help change your mind. In this fast-paced, digital-focused era, social media …

optimistic people: job loss
Job Search Needs

7 Things You Must Do to Cope with Job Loss

Job loss can be a difficult chapter in your life. Whether it’s performance-related or not, losing it can be depressing. The good news is, you …

Keyboard with find job button
Job Search Needs

Why Job Hunting is a Lot like Dating

This is it! After taking many chances, someone called you in to meet. Suddenly you felt happy, anxious, scared, and worried at the same time. …

office woman having problems with job-skill mismatch
Job Search Needs

What the Current Labor Says about Job Skill Mismatch

“There are no available jobs for me.” We have always been hearing this statement from many job seekers. Ironically, plenty of job openings are available …

General Skills You Should Polish to Succeed
Job Search Needs

Common Job Skills That You Should Master [Infographic]

Being smart and skilled in a specific industry isn’t enough to make someone succeed in life. Aside from having remarkable abilities, there are general job …

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