Resume Writing Tips

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Resume Writing Tips

A Guide on How to Make a Potent Resume for Your Job Comeback

Whether due to retrenchment, resignation, or reasons, such as illness, pregnancy, or incarceration, returning to the workforce will always be an uphill climb. Further, it’s …

eyeglass and paper: resume missteps
Resume Writing Tips

6 Resume Missteps You Should Avoid Doing Now

Impressive skills are not enough to get your dream job. As the hiring process becomes stern, this would mean additional effort on your part. If …

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Resume Writing Tips

How to Cut Off Details on Your Resume for the Better

According to an online resume builder company in the United States, LiveCareer, most employers and job experts advise applicants to keep their resumes and CVs …

hands of a baby boomer typing and trying to hide her age in resume
Resume Writing Tips

Resume Writing 101: How to Overcome Age Factor

“Discrimination due to age is one of the great tragedies of modern life. The desire to work and be useful is what makes life worth …

Resume Writing Tips

Writing a Powerful Resume: Is it Still Worth it?

Is resume dead? Definitely NOT. Despite the existence of what some call, “resume alternatives” (i.e. LinkedIn, Business card, Virtual CV account, Video Resume,, Slideshare, …

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Resume Writing Tips

Five Must-Avoid Things in Writing a Resume

Did you know that recruiters review your resume in just six seconds? In this short period, how can you impress them with your tool? Understand …

easy makeover tips to make visually appealing resume
Resume Writing Tips

Easy Makeover Tips for Improved Resume Layout

Content is perhaps the most important part of a resume. But how will you grab an employer’s interest if your copy doesn’t look appealing at …

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Resume Writing Tips

4 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Resume Writer

Many applicants believe that job searching is like a “numbers game.” The more opportunities they grab, the more chances they can get a job. So …

Resumes with right format
Resume Writing Tips

How to Write A Chronological Resume Effectively

Chronological resume is perhaps the most common and most popular application format for job hunters. Despite being traditional, many applicants and recruiters prefer to write …

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Resume Writing Tips

Executive Resume Writing: More Than Just Superiority and Power

Many job seekers struggle to find luck in accomplishing their common quest: nailing a job. But while every aspirant needs to endure the challenges in …

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