Terms of Service


The Purpose of this Agreement is to set forth the terms and conditions under which Resume Prime and Client will agree.

Whereas, Client hereby hires Resume Prime to provide resume writing and related services for the Client. And that this Agreement shall take effect on the date the Client expresses conformity either through sending the signed Agreement or through simple e-mail approval.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises herein contained, the parties agree as follows:


Whereas, Client shall make an upfront payment equivalent to the price of the resume package or other services, as predetermined with Resume Prime’s agent.

Whereas, Client shall make the payment through credit card, PayPal, over the counter bank deposit, or other modes of payment. If Client chooses to pay via credit card, Resume Prime will require credit card number and credit card billing address. Receipt on all payments made shall be sent to Client via e-mail by the payment processor.

Whereas, service prices of Resume Prime are all presented in US Dollar. Client, therefore, shall pay in US Dollar regardless of location.


Whereas, Client shall receive services according to the resume package or other related services paid for.

Turnaround Time
Turnaround time for all packages is three (3) business days.

Turnaround time will start from the date the following requirements were received by Resume Prime:

  • Conformity to this Project Agreement
  • Completed questionnaire and/or other information necessary to complete the services to be rendered

Job Posting
For job postings with immediate deadlines, especially for Federal Package, Resume Prime will not be liable on the delays of job application and such.

Client shall promptly respond to all drafts, revisions, clarifications, and other questions sent by writers and sales and support team of Resume Prime. Client shall be clear and specific when responding to all e-mails, phone calls, or any other communications, to facilitate project completion and prompt delivery of services.

Client is entitled to unlimited revisions until project is finalized.

Project Completion
Resume Prime shall send an Acknowledgment Form along with the final draft of resume and other addons purchased. Client shall acknowledge receipt of these documents and express conformity to project completion.

Expiration and Reactivation
Unfinished or inactive project expire after six (6) months from sign up date. Resume Prime will collect a $30 reactivation fee if Client would like to continue with the revision process after the expiration date. Client shall be able to proceed with the revision process within three (3) months after reactivation date.

Refund Policy
On Cancelled Orders

  • Full Refund: if cancelled within 24 hours
  • Ninety percent (90%): if cancelled beyond 24 hours; Resume Prime is entitled to ten percent (10%) administrative and processing fee

On Service Termination

  • Seventy-five percent (75%): if initial draft was already sent
  • Sixty percent (60%): if one to two complete revisions were already sent

Client will NOT be entitled to a refund under any of the following circumstances:

  • Client has approved the resume draft from Resume Prime
  • Client has terminated the service for invalid and unacceptable reasons
  • Project has been inactive for more than three (3) months

Furthermore, NO REFUND will be granted for rush services, resume posting, and online resume websites.

Refund Process
For cancelled orders, request shall be done within 24 hours.

For service termination, request shall be done within two (2) days or forty-eight (48) hours after receipt of resume draft.

Request for refund shall be properly documented. Upon receiving a notification of the request, either through phone or e-mail, the Billing Department shall send a Refund Request Form (RRF), which will be accomplished and sent back by the Client for refund processing.

After processing, the Billing Department shall notify when the refund will be reflected on Client’s account.


Whereas, Resume Prime is strongly committed to protecting Client’s privacy and confidential
information. All information sent to Resume Prime is strictly for the use of Resume Prime and will not be shared with any third party. In facilitating prompt and accurate response to Client’s order, Resume Prime will only ask relevant information necessary in providing the services paid for by the Client.

Listen to our customers

Elouard C., Puerto Rico

I was inform by a friend about professional resume writers and the testimonial about it. So I decided to investigate different websites offering the service. I chose ResumePrime.com because I was able to immediately ask a real human all my questions, that person was Sofia, but I do not listen to people promoting their own services, what I do is ask – and then feel the answers – trust me It can be done through a chat and even better over the phone, I felt sincerity and conviction. The competition does not has this, and even worst some others don’t have phone numbers in the website. So they have real humans to answer questions, phone number, and images of resume examples WHAT ELSE CAN YOU ASK FOR? I am so happy with the service that I am afraid to tell details. This is like a local service store were the owner and his employees treat you professionally (yes of-course) but like family at the same time.

Although my resume had a successful track record already, I decided to refreshed-it after so many years without changing the format, however recruiters always suggested some change or fixing before presenting my resume to the final customers. So in reality my resume was fixable to the eyes of recruiters. But TODAY… with my new improved and refreshed resume made by Darwin Dillan so far out of three recruiters non have recommended any fixing, change or adjusting, and even better one of them even said that my resume was grate!

TIP: My resume was build with some borderless parts, some printers can print borderless by selecting the “borderless option” and choosing, and inserting the required paper type for borderless printing such as most Premium Papers. If you have access to a color laser printer, thats the way to go. You can also pay for printing services but bring the paper with you in case they don’t have a decent paper.

Elouard C., Puerto Rico