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These Terms of Service and Agreement set forth the conditions by which you access and use the website and services of Resume Prime. Read this page carefully to understand how you must conduct your activities on Resume Prime and hire its services.
By agreeing to these Terms of Service or by hiring our services, you enter into a legally binding agreement with Resume Prime. You prove yourself to be of legal age and can enter into a binding agreement. If you are using this site on behalf of an organization, you present that you have the right to bind the said organization to these Terms. Otherwise, if you disagree with these Terms of Service, you must stop using or accessing our website and services.


The pieces of information contained on Resume Prime are for general use only. We offer them in good faith. However, we make no representation or guarantee of any kind, express or implied, on their accuracy, completeness, validity, reliability, or availability.
Under no instance will Resume Prime be liable to you for any loss or damage of any kind you incurred for using our website or for relying on any information here. Your use of the website or reliance on any information here will be solely at your own risk.
External Links
Resume Prime may show or share links to other websites or content of third parties and banner and advertising features. We did not examine, monitor, or check such outside links for their accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness.


You can use and/or access Resume Prime and its services, as long as you show and prove the following eligibility requirements. Otherwise, we will deactivate your account and terminate our services if we find that you do not meet them.
1. All information you submit are correct and verifiable.
2. You will maintain their accuracy as you use our website and/or services.
3. You are not below 18 years old and can form a legally binding relationship with us. If not, as a minor, you can only use and access our services under the supervision of a parent or a guardian. In such an event, your parent or guardian will be responsible for any of your activities on our website.
4. Your use and access of our website and/or services will not violate other applicable laws.


Whereas, you hereby hire Resume Prime to provide resume writing and related services for you. This Agreement shall take effect on the date you conform to these Terms of Service by sending the signed Agreement or a simple e-mail approval.
NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises herein contained, you and Resume Prime agree as follows:


You will make an upfront payment equivalent to the sum of the resume package and/or other services as determined with an agent of Resume Prime.
In your payment, you can use a credit card, PayPal, over-the-counter bank deposit, or other acceptable modes. If you pay by credit card, Resume Prime will ask for your credit card number and billing address. Resume Prime’s payment processor will send a receipt on your payment by e-mail.
Resume Prime presents its service rates in US Dollar. Therefore, your payment must also be in US Dollar regardless of your location.

Services Delivery

You will receive your order(s) according to the resume package or other related service(s) you purchased.
Turnaround Time
Turnaround time for all packages is Three (3) Business Days. It will start from the date Resume Prime receives the following requirements from you:
  • A signed copy of this Agreement (Terms of Service)
  • Completed questionnaire and/or other information necessary to help us complete the service(s) you purchased from Resume Prime
Posting on Job Sites
For job postings with immediate deadlines, especially Federal Package, Resume Prime will not be liable for any delay in your job application.
You must respond promptly to all drafts, revisions, clarifications, and questions sent you by our writers and/or sales and support team. Be precise and specific when responding to e-mails, phone calls, or any other communication means to ease service completion and prompt delivery.
You can have unlimited revision of your copy until its completion.
Project Completion
Resume Prime will send you an Acknowledgment Form along with the final draft of your resume and other add-ons you purchased. You must acknowledge receipt of the documents and conform to project completion.
Expiration and Reactivation
Unfinished or inactive service orders expire after Six (6) Months from sign-up date. Resume Prime will collect a $30 reactivation fee if you wish to continue with the service after its expiration. You can ensue with the revision within Three (3) Months after the reactivation date.
Refund Policy
Cancelled Orders
  • Full Refund: if you cancelled within Twenty-Four (24) Hours from the time you ordered our service(s)
  • Ninety Percent (90%): if you cancelled beyond Twenty-Four (24) Hours; Resume Prime charges Ten Percent (10%) as administrative and processing fee
Service Termination
  • Seventy-Five Percent (75%): if Resume Prime already sent you the initial draft
  • Sixty Percent (60%): if Resume Prime already rendered one to two complete revisions
You CANNOT get a refund under any of the following circumstances:
  • You approved the resume draft
  • You terminated the service for invalid and unacceptable reasons
  • Your service order(s) has/have been dormant for over Three (3) Months
Furthermore, we will grant NO REFUND for rush service orders, resume posting, and creation of online resume website.
Refund Procedure
Send us a refund request within Twenty-Four (24) Hours from the sign-up date to cancel your order. To terminate it, ask for a refund within Two (2) Days or Forty-Eight (48) Hours after receiving the resume draft.
Resume Prime will record all refund requests properly. Upon receiving your request notification by phone or email, our Billing Department will send a form for refund request or RRF. Complete and return the form to Resume Prime. Then, our Billing Personnel will inform you when the refund will reflect on your account.


Resume Prime commits strongly to protecting your privacy and confidential information. All information you send to Resume Prime are for our use only. We will not share them with any third party. In facilitating prompt and accurate responses, Resume Prime will only ask for information necessary to bring the services you ordered. You can learn more about this by reviewing our Privacy Policy.

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