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With more than 10 years in the  industry, Resume Prime has helped thousands of clients move onward in their career and land their dream jobs. We take pride in housing professional resume writers who provides high-quality resumes and other job search tools for different careers.

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Our writers are experts in providing nothing but prime resume writing service.

Expert Writers

Expert writers in different fields.

High Quality Resumes

Trained to provide high-quality resumes.

Experienced in the Resume Writing Industry

Experienced in the resume writing industry.

High Satisfaction Ratings

Consistent high satisfaction rating.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Since the scope of our work is about creating resumes and other job search tools such as biography and opening statement, it will be easier for you and us if you are certain with your career goal(s) more than anything else before you proceed with the process. You have to be sure about your future plans and endeavors. Although we believe we can make recommendations or give suggestions, your career choice still depends on you.
You don’t need to worry about it. All our resume writing packages include a lifetime storage service that will keep your resume and cover letter secured. Just get in touch with us if you need a copy of any of your files.
This will basically depend on the type of career change that you want to have or achieve. For instance, if you are planning to shift from a writing career in a newspaper agency to a publishing house—we can underscore your writing expertise to make you qualified for the position. Our professional resume writers are skilled at crafting a career-change resume that will describe your qualifications and competencies with a totally different job.
We take privacy and confidentiality seriously. While we are aware that there are resume writing companies that share their customers’ resumes with job and resume banks for a certain amount, with Resume Prime, you can be certain that we will not disclose or utilize your information with any person or other companies. We enter into a non-disclosure agreement with all our employees and we take stern measures to keep your data and personal information protected.

Customer Reviews

“My new resume from Resume Prime has attracted more invites in 1 week than my old one that I have been using for months. They are worth recommending to family and friends.”
Tracey Ritcher
“From start to finish, I was having a great time working with my writer. She was able to build a collaborative working relationship with me and provided helpful insights about current resume writing trends.”
Kaylee Tyler
“A friend recommended this to me so I gave it a try. The ever cautious me demanded an update all the time as to what stage is my order. This company never fail to respond to me on time, I’m impressed. Thank you Resume Prime!”
Martha Imerson

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