Growing Occupations

Growing Occupations in 2013

Just when you thought that the medics will start to rule the job market, here, we just discovered that when it comes to the growing occupations based on salary, professionals on technology will have the biggest slice of cake.

For those who are planning to acquire technical knowledge in web and programming languages, it will be a nice patch of green grass for a future career. Moreover, here are the specific job titles that will prosper this year:

1. Mobile applications developers

More and more are on online applications not just from their personal computers and laptops but also from their cellphones. As mobile interaction is becoming prolific, the demand for developers who can adjust the applications for the small screen is rapidly increasing. Thus, shooting their cost to 9% higher.

2. Business intelligence analysts

Due to the tight competition both online and in the real world, hiring a business intelligence analyst now becomes a trend among industries.  Most data clutters are being overlooked by the fast-paced companies that they need somebody who has the technical skill to organize and interpret it for them. With this, business analysts will add up about 7.3% to their salary.

3. Network architects

One of the most elusive careers in technologies, network architects does the design for the communication infrastructure of a company. He is in charge of every aspect of transmitting information and correspondence inside of the company and out. And since the ways communication is becoming more and more complex nowadays, the network architects is becoming the third of growing occupations and will earn 7% higher for their living.

4. Interactive creative directors

This type of job needs a person who has creative skills, technical expertise, and leadership fused into one. While interactive creative directors hold a delicate task on capturing the attention and catering to the responses of the target audience, he has to manage a team that will be working to produce the output needed from them. With this type of demanding and critical work, interactive creative director can expect a salary boost of 4.9% more or less.

5. Interaction designers

Interaction designers, simply put, are those guys responsible for making every application and web site responsive to the needs of a vast type of audience. They are the ones who think about how a user behaves toward a program or product; thus, the name of the job.  With the growth of the online and mobile audience, these professionals are predicted to gain about 4.9% like their directors.

6. User experience (UX) designers

UX designers are those who are in charge of the overall impression that an application or site has given to the audience. These professionals, being buddies with interaction designers, will move your software to a better psychological and social understanding of the user and is more likely to be less interested in the technical nitty-gritty done by the interaction experts. Likewise, they can expect a raise of 4.8% in their compensation like the interaction pundits.

Bottomline: Growing occupations of today may or may not be the same as with tomorrow, so the most important thing in applying for a job is to find the one which makes life a lot less like work.

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