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2017 New Year’s Resolutions Job Seekers Must Follow

In only a few days after Christmas, we’re all going to be busy preparing for New Year’s Eve. For job seekers, it’s a perfect time to review and update their resumes and figure out better techniques to secure a job interview. What is your New Year’s resolution? If your tactics didn’t work this year, then these job search resolutions may help revamp your strategies.

2017 Job Search Resolutions to Follow

Take Advantage Of Your Talents

Don’t rot your talents; nourish them. If you can’t find jobs that are aligned with your degree, latch on your talents instead. For instance, if you have a knack for manipulating images and editing videos, you may consider a career related to multimedia arts and graphic designing.

Volunteer More

Volunteering isn’t only a way of giving back to your community. It is also a wonderful opportunity to fill the gaps in your resume. Plus, you can apply your industry-related skills and show your potential employer how hardworking and seasoned you are.

Get Fit

Pay attention to your health as much as you focus on your job search. Being physically fit indicates your confidence, stamina, and energy to accomplish tasks. So encourage yourself to take at least 30-minute jogging every morning and eat healthier foods, too.

Upgrade Your Profile

You may have read this from our related articles, but then, it is one of the job search resolutions you shouldn’t take for granted. In today’s digital age, employers take advantage of the internet and social media to find potential candidates. Have time to polish your professional and social media profiles.

Establish Your Own Brand

It’s important to let your prospective hiring managers know about you, and your skills and abilities. So to effectively establish your own professional brand, start with the following:

  • Personal website or blog
  • Online resume
  • Video resume
  • Online work portfolio

Take A Break

Job hunting is hard and tiring. Spending your entire time looking for opportunities will easily burn you out. Take a break and make time for other priorities.

Your job hunting game is a trial-and-error process. If the techniques you use don’t seem to work, change them. With these job search resolutions, you can plot new, better ways to win the job of your dreams!

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