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How to Write A Chronological Resume Effectively

Chronological resume is perhaps the most common and most popular application format for job hunters. Despite being traditional, many applicants and recruiters prefer to write their resumes this way. People not just find them easy to create. Many employers think it’s easier to scan, too.

So as a job hunter, how well do you write your chronological resume? Read these five Ws and one H to learn more.

What Does It Include?

Because the work experience section is the heart and soul of a chronological resume, you need to build up this part of your application. Include your former jobs along with your related accomplishments. Avoid writing job descriptions and instead, focus on proving your worth. Share your success stories and explain how your actions contributed to the company’s growth.

How Does It Work?

To create an effective chronological resume, you must write your relevant work experiences starting from the most recent down to your jobs within the last 10 years. Don’t forget to include the job title, company, location, and length of employment.

Who Should Use It?

This format supports most job seekers, especially those who want to emphasize their relevant work experiences. Professionals who have worked within the same industry for years and targeting a similar job can use this format, too.

When Should I Use It?

Applicants should use this resume format when they have no large unemployment gaps. They can use this as well when their work experiences go with their desired job.

Why Use This Format?

Most employers are familiar with this style and prefer most of their applicants to write their resumes in this format. Its simplicity allows readers to scan applications easily and name potential candidates at one reading. Further, it offers a clear view of an applicant’s connections in the campus and the community.

Whatever resume format you use—chronological, functional, or both—remember that a resume serves as your tool in landing a dream job. Hence, make it convincing and appealing to the hiring managers. Take time to write your tool or consult an expert to see the format that works best for you.

Do you think a chronological resume will work for you? Create your copy now or contact Resume Prime for assistance.

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