easy makeover tips to make visually appealing resume

Easy Makeover Tips for Improved Resume Layout

Content is perhaps the most important part of a resume. But how will you grab an employer’s interest if your copy doesn’t look appealing at first sight? If you are not paying attention to how your job hunt tool appears, then you must think twice! Looks indeed matter. While you update your document’s content, try to freshen up its looks, too, and do some makeover. How? Heed these easy makeover tips below and see a big difference on your piece’s layout and appearance!

Easy Makeover Tips to Improve Your Resume

1. Use standard readable fonts.

Maintain the readability of your resume using the standard font styles (e.g. Arial, Times New Roman, etc.) and sizes (10pt, 11pt, or 12pt). To be consistent, use only one font style and size for the content except for your name.

2. Observe proper spacing and margins.

Check the Word settings and make sure the document uses single spacing. Insert spaces in between sections, too. Margins, in most cases, are set to one inch on all sides. Yet, you can adjust it depending on your resume content. Also, take note of the alignment principle—align everything nicely and make a good balance of the white space.

3. Do not copy templates.

With over thousands of resume formats and templates available online, people have the tendency to copy them for their own document. Remember, templates should serve as reference or guide only. Thus, use or copy only a portion of a sample and not the entire work.

4. Highlight important details.

Putting marks on your most vital skills will help draw your readers’ attention on them. You may consider using bold or italic fonts to enhance visibility.

5. Present information in bullets.

Instead of writing long sentences, use bullets when presenting details, describing your work experiences, and demonstrating the skills you possess.

6. Cut your resume into several sections.

Chunk the details into different segments so your resume won’t look disorganized. To guide the reader in scanning your tool, put appropriate label to each section (e.g. Education, Employment History, Awards and Recognition, etc.).

7. Put a personal touch.

Keep away from the generic and stereotypical styles that job seekers often employ in writing. Give your document a more personal touch to distinguish yourself from the pool of applicants.

Are you ready to overhaul your job hunt tool? Count on these easy makeover tips to fulfill the best professional resume styles making it visually appealing! If you can’t apply these tips on your own, seek help from expert resume writers. Resume Prime makes resumes and cover letters tailored for pros, executives, first-time job seekers, and career changers.

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