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6 Horrible Colleagues That Make You Want to Scream

You might have heard a lot of horror stories from books and movies. But nothing is more terrifying than coming to work with horrible colleagues whose bizarre and unprofessional behavior makes you want to scream. If you think you’ve seen some of the scariest characters on the big scene, wait until you meet these personalities.

1. Chucky the Chit Chatter

We all know Chuckie as the doll who asks you if you want to play. But Chuckie the Chit Chatter is the household’s chatter. These are your colleagues who want to talk about everything – from the weather to their dog’s favorite food. And the only time they stop? No, they never stop.

2. Freddie the “Framer”

Meanwhile, Freddie the Framer is scarier than Freddie Krueger of Elm Street. Why? Because he loves to put everyone in trouble. Not to mention how he has master the art of putting the blame on you when your boss finds out about his not-so-funny antics.

3. Demanding Dracula

Demanding Dracula doesn’t only suck your blood but also your patience. This type of horrible colleague always assumes that everyone knows what he wants and that they should agree with him. While Dracula doesn’t grow old, this one never succeeds.

4. Monster Harasser

This type of colleague is scarier than monsters. They are the ones who make inappropriate jokes or even sexually harass team members and act as if it’s OK because after all, you are all mature and professional. Well, except him.

5. Sleepy Samara

We all know Samara Morgan (Sadako Yamamura) as the famous girl with a long hair who crawls out of the television from the movie, “The Ring.” If you think she’s creepy, wait until you meet Sleepy Samara, your horrible colleague who always falls asleep during meeting and even regular working days.

6. Foodie Frankenstein

Our list will not be complete without the famous Foodie Frankenstein. He is one of your workmates who treats the office as an extension of his favorite fast food chain. You will see him roaming in the cafeteria and pantry holding his favorite snacks. And yes, he never runs out of food.

Workplace is not complete without horrible colleagues. Their annoying acts can sometimes bring out the worst in you. While it is our instinct to react in a negative way, remember that there’s always a proper way of solving work-related issues.

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