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13 IT Greats Who Have Shaped the Industry: Be Next in Line!

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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates share many similarities. Both are wealthy and belong to a group known for their superb skills in information technology (IT). As an IT pro or a student enrolled in an IT degree, you, too, can become a great tech guru. What follows next is a list of most influential people in the IT industry and their contributions in the field.

13 Most Influential People and Their Contributions in the IT Field

Bill Gates - Influential People1. Bill Gates

A Harvard dropout, Bill rewrote a computer language for Altair, sold it, and co-founded Microsoft. He revolutionized personal computers (PCs).


Steve Jobs - Influential People2. Steve Jobs

Known for his commitment to his vision and beliefs, Steve modernized PCs and tablet computing. With a bright mind, he understood what people wanted and found success in innovating phones and animated movies.


Douglas Engelbart - Influential People3. Douglas Engelbart

An engineer who proposed to develop computer networks for better dealings, Douglas became one of the Internet pioneers. He discovered the mouse and improved hypertext along with Ted Nelson.


Sheryl Sandberg - Influential People4. Sheryl Sandberg

A summa cum laude from Harvard College, her first job is in government. Her stints at Google and Facebook opened the door for women empowerment in top-level posts, making her “powerful” in the digital world.


Steve Wozniak - Influential People5. Steve Wozniak

Steve Jobs’ namesake and long-time pal, programmer Steve Wozniak co-founded Apple that signaled the onset of PC revolution.


Michael Dell - Influential People6. Michael Dell

With no college degree, Michael thrived in forming a business that sold PC units. His success in the business paved the way for notebooks and other mobile devices.


Pierre Omidyar - Influential People7. Pierre Omidyar

With much interest in PCs, Pierre wrote the code for an interactive website that offers auction and online listing. In 1995, he launched an auction site now known as eBay that grew and sells a wide range of stuff.


Jeff Bezos - Influential People8. Jeff Bezos

Part of IT’s growth is the success of e-commerce, the industry produced by the ingenuity of Jeff Bezos. He became a self-made billionaire after founding the online retail giant Amazon (dot com).


Edward Snowden - Influential People9. Edward Snowden

Still controversial with the data leaks on US surveillance programs, a few see Edward as an IT whiz. A former systems administrator, he helped shaped the IT industry as he posed a challenge between data privacy and national security.


Mark Zuckerberg - Influential People10. Mark Zuckerberg

A Harvard dropout, Mark thought of building a campus-only network in prep school. With his dreams of making a global social networking site, he developed Facebook with his friends Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes, and Dustin Moskovitz.


Rupert Murdoch - Influential People11. Rupert Murdoch

A media mogul who inherited newspaper publishing from his father, Rupert rose to grow and expand the business. His ventures in newspaper, TV, film, radio, social media, and the web are his greatest impacts on IT.


Sergey Brin - Influential PeopleLarry Page - Influential People12. & 13. Sergey Brin and Larry Page

Both computer scientists and born in the same year, Stanford buddies Sergey and Larry made today’s largest search engine firm, Google. They aimed to help online users find the most useful pages through search boxes. Since 1998, Google has used different algorithms, the basis for indexing of search results.

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