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Ways of Postponing a Job Offer without Burning the Bridge

What if you receive two job offers on the same day? Or passed an interview in a firm when you’re still waiting for a result from some bigger company? It’s difficult when you find yourself caught in a job offer management dilemma.

Nobody wants to accept a job out of sheer pressure and without weighing other opportunities. In this case, you wanted to delay your job offer so as to see what other prospective employers have in store for you. But you’re afraid that you might blow up the opportunity presented at the moment.

And this brings us to the question: is there any possible way of postponing a job offer without turning off the employer who proposed it? Actually, there are. Take note of these very helpful bits of advice when it comes to being torn apart between certainty and opportunity.

How to Postpone a Job Offer Like a Pro

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1. Ask for time to decide.

Tell the employers honestly that you want to carefully weigh options before you plunge into the work. Most people appreciate honesty when it comes to business relationships. You may not please them for asking that you want some time to think it over, but you would earn their trust for saying so. Most people will understand the situation, and there’s no offense for telling that you are on the deciding stage of choosing an employer. Guilt is unreasonable. You don’t have to commit right away to the company who asks you to work with them.

2. Go on a vacation.

Ask if they can discuss the details of the job after some time of scheduled vacation.  You’ll be surprised at how much they’d be generous on giving you the time to think of the proposal. But of course, you won’t have to lie. Pack your bags for real and breathe in some fresh air- you need that to finally decide if you really want to take the opportunity. You can’t clearly determine your opportunities if you’ll stay in the same old routine at home. It’s one clean way of postponing a job offer because you won’t make them feel like you’re doubtful about working with them. It’s about time that you take a breather before you finally soak yourself into tiring corporate duties.

3. Inquire about the company.

Show your genuine interest by asking for a copy of some press release about them, a brochure, or even a copy of your employment terms and benefits package. In that way, you don’t only have the materials to find out how good are your employers, you also have the time to think about it while they’re processing the documents. Another plus factor is that you’ll make them feel that you are sincerely considering working with them by asking the details of their business.

4. Say “Thank You”.

That’s the secret sauce. Express your gratefulness for being chosen as their employee. Companies love to feel that they are being valued and appreciated. If you find it hard to say that you’re still weighing options from other businesses, at least make them see that you are honored to be picked out from the hundreds of applicants out there.

Postponing a job offer doesn’t always necessarily mean that you have to ruin your professional relationship with the company. Sometimes it’s about keeping the ties and being thankful even if you are considering job offer rejection. For more expert advice on job search and interviews, feel free to browse our blogs page.

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