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Job Interview Advice and Tips to Beat a Bad One

It’s hard to say whether you’re doing well in a job interview or not, but it’s even more difficult to read the interviewer’s body language. Are you boring him or her? In particular, a bad job interview can weaken or destroy your charm to win the job. As a job interview advice to help you gauge if yours is falling out of place, here are the signs of a bad job interview.

When the interviewer…

  • doesn’t persuade you about the company or the job itself
  • asks easy questions only
  • doesn’t ask your salary expectations
  • offers you a “friendly” career advice (read between the lines)
  • shows no enthusiasm when you’re discussing your skills and accomplishments
  • gets distracted by other matters (checking out smartphone, looking at the time, etc.)
  • displays a negative body language (e.g., not smiling, not making eye contact, crossing arms, sighing)
  • doesn’t ask for your references
  • gives you a floppy handshake

Or when the interview itself…

  • becomes boring
  • falls short of your expected length
  • is quick
  • has many pauses or interruptions as you try to respond
  • ends without giving you clear instructions on the next steps

Job Interview Advice: How to Beat a Bad One

Therefore, what should you do if you notice the above signs? Think positive! Further, follow these surefire tips to ease your worries when signs of a bad job interview show up, mending your sad experience instead.

1. Stay positive.

Stay optimistic throughout the interview. Sometimes, the interviewer goes through a busy day or faces a problem; then, again, keeping a positive stance can help you turn around a bad job interview.

2. Ask insightful questions.

If your prospective hiring manager is asking dull questions, spark up the interview with upbeat ones. Maybe you can ask them about their expectations and company culture to perk up the time.

3. Prepare to change your tactic.

So, if they’re becoming bored hearing you discuss your long-list of achievements, change your tactic right away by sharing how you chose your career path or former jobs. In addition, discussing relatable (and related) matters with your interviewer may help break the ice.

4. Send them a fine thank-you letter.

Just because you suffered a bad job interview doesn’t mean you’ll leave that impression ruined. In your thank-you letter, express your enthusiasm for the job and willingness to see them again and share your ideas. In the same way, close it by wishing them the best.

Thus, don’t let the signs of a bad job interview screw your chances for good. Otherwise, note these job interview advice and tips, and keep track of your job-hunt well.

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