14 Different People You Meet at Work [Infographic]

Who you are is not solely defined by how you grow on your own. People around you also play a significant part in this, especially in the workplace. Discovering your skills is an achievement, and dealing with your colleagues with different types of personalities is a mission.

Types of Personalities Infographic

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14 Types of Personalities You’ll Meet at Work

Starting work in a new company, you may have an idea of getting along with everyone. These types of personalities in the workplace just might make you have second thoughts:

1. The Gossipers

Gossipers are the first to know and spread office scandals. Do not confide in them, or you’ll be the next hot topic.

2. The Tattle Nuke

They don’t gossip. But they can be annoying for they can’t stop talking about their thoughts and opinions.

3. The Work-Cula

Vampires who thirst for work are aggressive, ambitious, and snotty towards people they think are less capable to multitask.

4. The Post-It Aggressor

They leave anonymous post-it notes on certain things in the office with quotes like, “Chill with the coffee, you caffeine-blooded fools!”

5. The Tsuna-Mail

Hangouts and Google Mail have no difference to them. They usually send you unimportant mail that floods your inbox in a blink.

6. The Distant Dweeb

An office deer who avoid communicating with others, they reject going to happy hours or parties.

7. The Perfection Police

They work slowly to ensure clean and well-organized results. Because they’re naturally cautious, they triple check their work to ensure flawless results.

8. The Caffeine Addict

While others drink coffee only when feeling sleepy or stressed out, these caffeine-blooded workers drink more than 3 cups of joe a day!

9. The Lousy Leech

Annoying and attention-sucking colleagues who communicate to the superiors for a purpose: to become the next model employee.

10. The Meeting Mogul

They tend to expand simple concerns into a 30-minute meeting, and then follow it up with issues from the day before.

11. The Daunting Downer

These grumpy people won’t let a day skip without complaining of how dreadful their work is. But they don’t have the guts to leave.

12. The Dirty Dudes

They are insensitive workers who don’t know the difference between dirty and filthy. You would not want to hang out at their desks.

13. The Paragon

Also called as Model Employees, they are loved by many except overly competitive ones who yearn to claim their throne.

14. The Duty Deputy

These stress transmitters walk around the office like a Queen’s guard. They delegate tasks to others and do nothing for themselves.

The workplace is like a rice dish with a plethora of ingredients. We are different from each other and most of the time this is what makes us an effective team, resulting in a successful company. You’re now familiar with the types of personalities you are likely to encounter. So how about you start constructing the best curriculum vitae and make them see you as the next paragon!

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