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What the Current Labor Says about Job Skill Mismatch

“There are no available jobs for me.”

We have always been hearing this statement from many job seekers. Ironically, plenty of job openings are available in the labor market today.

Check out this most recent data from the U.S. Labor Department.

What You Should Know

In April 2015, Reuters reported that local job openings were at a 14-year high two months earlier. Even with this, however, the report shows that many hiring managers had difficulty hiring the right workers and filling in the vacant posts.

Less than two months before 2015 ended, published an article stating that over five million jobs were available at the end of the third quarter. Despite being one of the best records since 2000, employment rate remained low during the covered period. Hiring was at one of its lowest levels in 2015.

This irony leads us to believe that something is wrong with the present situation at the job market. Job mismatch truly exists and cases in the U.S. have become a common dilemma among the workforce. This state badly affects the national economy.

What You Can Do

Are you having a hard time finding the perfect job that suits your skills? Stop saying you won’t or you can’t. Assess your strengths and see how they can satisfy the current labor market. Listed are a few tips you can carry out:

1. Do your research.

Know the current trends—from demands to job outlooks. From there, you can assess your skills and strengths and align them with what the employer needs.

2. Upgrade your skills.

Enroll in internship programs and earn certificates related to your industry. These trainings won’t take too long to finish so don’t regret the time you will spend with them. Do not let limited finances impede your career move, too. Look for federal sponsorship programs or online-based tutorials to earn the benefits of education at no cost.

3. Adopt new technologies and practices to boost your productivity.

Keeping up with the modern tools will always make you a worthy candidate.

If you want to land a job amid changing demands or strict job conditions, invest on your skills and prepare outstanding application documents. With them, you will find the job that matches your skills, interests, and experiences.

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