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Best Recession-Proof Jobs (and 4 Helpful Ways to Recession-Proof Your Career)

As the world eases slowly into the new normal, we see how the pandemic affected people worldwide. As the death toll steadily rises, so does the rate of unemployment. Job loss and business shutdowns are commonplace, as the job market tries to regain its foothold. We cannot predict how low the economic dips or how long the recession will last. Having that said; whereas there are no 100% recession-proof jobs, there are industries that managed to stay afloat despite this global crisis.

List of Recession-Proof Jobs

Whether you are looking for a job or planning a career shift, job security is always a priority. While it guarantees no job, it is safe to go for risk-proof and flexible careers. Here is a list of recession-proof jobs you can pursue.

Medical and Healthcare Practitioners

Medical professionals are always on call because people constantly need medical attention. Regardless of the economic situation, medical workers must fulfill their responsibility. Hence, the health sector is generally unaffected by recession. Likewise, the hospital management and security stay employed.

two young workers practicing social distancing as medical professionals, one of recession-proof jobs

Utility Personnel

For a society to function smoothly, people need to access city services like electricity, water, and internet connection. Our utility workers provide and maintain these amenities in good condition. Thus, utility personnel don’t easily lose their job regardless of the economy.

Public Safety Officers

Public safety and security are valued next to health. Even in recession, crimes and emergencies still happen. And communities need authorities to maintain peace and order. These recession-proof jobs include police, law enforcement officers, and firefighters. These are constantly in demand and are recession-resistant.

Teachers and Professors

Schools and universities don’t close during recession. Even if they do, there are still other ways to continue learning. In fact, homeschooling or virtual classes are becoming more relevant. That said; students will still need teachers and professors for their education.


Recession means that the consumers’ buying power is low. Yet, people need to eat and buy supplies. Groceries and convenience stores provide the basic needs of the people at a lower cost. Grocery stores provide essential goods; thus making them less affected by a crisis. As one of recession-proof jobs, grocers are continually employed even in crises, since they can also deliver grocery and food items to customers despite the situation.

IT Professionals

The world depends on technology and will still do in the future. Hence, IT professionals can expect their services to be hired even amid the recession. Even if the economy goes down, the technology will thrive and so is the need for IT specialists.

Digital Marketers

Businesses began rethinking their strategies when the economy hit hard. They need a more effective brand promotion. And now, online marketing helps a brand reach more customers. Thus, companies are likely to hire digital marketers for novel campaigns.

Home-Based Online Jobs

These remote online recession-proof jobs can be viable option for displaced employees and fresh graduates. More so, online jobs give employees the opportunity for a global job market. There is a broad spectrum of jobs online, here are some of them.

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • SEO Specialist
  • Content Writer
  • Graphic Designer

online teaching is one of the recession-proof jobs

Recession-Proof Jobs: Tips to Strengthen Your Career

You might ask, “What if my job isn’t on the list? What if my skills and education don’t align with the jobs listed above? Does that mean that I can’t find a job?” Of course not. Not everyone has the opportunity to shift career when faced by a crisis. But there are steps you can do to recession-proof your job right now.

1. Develop new skills and interests.

Whether it is a job-specific or transferable skill, learning a new skill can arm your arsenal. These skills not only improve your current job but also prove handy when shifting careers. A wide array of skills will gain you more opportunities on the job market. You can take online courses or find a mentor who will help you gain knowledge to a specific field. A new skill will train your mind to handle a wide range of challenges.

2. Stay up to date on industry trends.

A great way of getting ahead is to keep yourself updated. With the changing economy, keep yourself abreast of the industry trends. Doing so will provide you insights on your next step. Subscribe to newsletters and read relevant articles within your industry. This way, you can track the changes and prepare ahead.

3. Be familiar with new technology.

You need not to learn complex programming if it is not within your industry. Instead, be proficient with the common and useful software used at work. These include collaboration apps and productivity tools. But if you’re thinking of pursuing a career on IT, you might want to venture into software or web development.

4. Expand your network.

Don’t be afraid to connect with people. Build genuine relationships with your colleagues. Connections will help you in the future, in case you need a career advice or a job. Also, follow thought leaders in your industry. Doing so helps you gain insight on possible opportunities you can later on venture into.

Recession-Proof Your Career with a Tough Resume for Tough Times

Recession happens, and not everyone has the immunity against it. Yet, people need to face this reality and find ways to survive. Whether you are looking for a job or shifting careers, now is the perfect time to update your resume and thrive in recession-proof jobs. We at Resume Prime can help you get through these tough times. We provide professional and job-winning resumes for you in today’s job market. Browse through our resume services for your every need now!

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