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Five Must-Avoid Things in Writing a Resume

Did you know that recruiters review your resume in just six seconds? In this short period, how can you impress them with your tool? Understand their approach and goals before writing a resume to give you an edge in preparing your job hunt tool. You need to avoid these 5 no-nos in resume writing so you can be shortlisted easily.

Job Search Roadblocks

Recruiters review hundreds of applications for a particular job post and spend an average of six seconds to scan a resume. In this short time span, errors must have no place in your job application tool.

Here are five leading reasons hiring managers dump your job tools.

1. Failure to pin recruiters’ focus.

Recruiters make a quick judgment on you and extract only a few and crucial details from your resume. Thus, you have to show and highlight these points. Most recruiters say they give importance to certain details.
• name
• past and present jobs
• job title
• start and end dates of employment
• skills
• education

2. Low readability.

The appearance and feel of your resume is important to recruiters because they want readable and graspable documents. Thus, arrange your information well. Use easy-to-understand words and short sentences, and add section headings to make it easy for the hiring manager to find the key areas. Keep the header and its contents together.

3. Congested layout.

Don’t strain the recruiters’ eyes, instead draw their attention to more important details in your application. Too much text makes your resume look cluttered and overwhelming to read. Just place job-related skills and experience.

4. Poor spacing.

Write your accomplishments and facts in bullet points. Organized details send a visual cue to the brain, allow the eyes to rest, and make it easy for recruiters to grasp your information well.

5. Lack of job-related keywords.

Hiring managers check candidates using strict rules because they need to prove you are fit for the job. Match your skills to the job position, include related keywords, and highlight them, so they will see that you fit the job with speed and ease.

Writing a resume entails time and technique to pass the recruiter’s threshold. Maximize your six seconds to job success that hinge on a readable tool and a well-organized layout, and has job-related keywords.

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