16 Ideal Jobs Based on Your Personality Type

Do you want to find out the perfect job for you? First, click this link Free Personality Test to take the test and determine your personality type; then, reflect on the results below.

1. The Duty Fulfillers (ISTJ)

People under this type are practical, reliable, fact-minded, and hardworking. They value their commitments and duties to get their work done no matter the cost.

Ideal jobs:

    • Manager
    • Accountant
    • Medical Doctor
    • Auditor

2. The Guardians (ESTJ)

The Guardians are excellent at administrating and managing things—or people. They are abrupt and practical at making decisions, as well.

Ideal jobs:

    • Military Officer
    • Financial Officer
    • Teacher
    • Insurance Agent
    Sales Representative

3. The Nurturers (ISFJ)

Do people describe you as warm, protective, generous, and dependable? If you are, then your personality falls under The Nurturer type. You respect traditions and laws and dislike conflict.

Ideal jobs:

    • Social Worker
    • Counselor
    • Clergy
    • Office Manager

4. The Caregivers (ESFJ)

The Caregivers are extremely caring, popular, sociable, and helpful creatures who dedicate themselves to bring out the best in others.

Ideal jobs:

    • Child Care Director
    • Nutritionist
    • Nurse
    • Speech Pathologist

5. The Mechanics (ISTP)

If your personality falls under this type, then you’re a quiet and independent person. You respond quickly to changes, love troubleshooting, and look for practical solutions to problems.

Ideal jobs:

    • Computer Programmer
    • Engineer
    • Pilot
    • Paramedic

6. The Doers (ESTP)

The people under this type are smart, energetic, and perceptive. They are creatures who thrill for excitement and excel in a crisis.

Ideal jobs:

    • Detective
    • Marketer
    • Comedian
    • Computer Technician
    Sales Manager

7. The Performers (ESFP)

The Performers are enthusiastic, energetic, spontaneous, and lively people. They value common sense, love the spotlight, and enjoy the simplest things.

Ideal jobs:

    • Food Service Worker
    • Receptionist
    • Recreation Director
    • Actor

8. The Artists (ISFP)

Charming, flexible, sensitive, and adventurous people make up this personality type. They are gentle and keen on helping people in tangible ways

Ideal jobs:

    • Artist
    • Musician
    • Designer
    • Child Care Worker

9. The Executives (ENTJ)

The Executives are natural, strong-willed leaders who never run out of great strategies and plans. They are analytical, imaginative, bold, and logical.

Ideal jobs:

    • CEO
    • Manager
    • Judge
    • Credit Investigator

10. The Scientists (INTJ)

Do people know you for your imaginative and strategic thinking? Do you love solving complex problems? If so, you belong to The Scientist type.

Ideal jobs:

    • Scientist
    • Engineer
    • Researcher
    • Judge
    Computer Specialist

11. The Visionaries (ENTP)

The Visionaries are bold, open-minded, smart, and curious people who enjoy playing with their ideas and solving challenging problems.

Ideal jobs:

    • Entrepreneur
    • Writer
    • Journalist
    • Public Relations Officer

12. The Thinkers (INTP)

People in The Thinkers category are independent, innovative, and creative problem solvers. They are natural inventors who endlessly crave knowledge.

Ideal jobs:

    • Physicist
    • Engineer
    • Mathematician
    • Psychiatrist

13. The Givers (ENFJ)

Outgoing, loyal, warm, and sensitive, The Givers are famous for their excellent people skills. They are great at motivating and bringing out the best in others.

Ideal jobs:

    • Minister
    • Diplomat
    • Nonprofit Director
    • Trainer
    HR Professional

14. The Protectors (INFJ)

The rarest among the 16 types, The Protectors are inspiring and creative people driven by their principles and integrity. They are deeply complex and have a talent in helping others realize their potential.

Ideal jobs:

    • Missionary
    • Counselor
    • Writer
    • Pediatrician

15. The Inspirers (ENFP)

People who are enthusiastic, sociable, curious, and creative belong to this type. They are free-spirited beings who thrive in other’s energies.

Ideal jobs:

    • Restaurant Owner
    • Travel Writer
    • Therapist
    • Preschool Teacher

16. The Idealists (INFP)

Finally, The Idealists are poetic, kind, and altruistic people steered by their deep personal values. They are always eager to help others for a good cause.

Ideal jobs:

    • Fine Artist
    • Animator
    • Author
    • Musicians
    Fashion Designer

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