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professional thinking
Career Tips

How to Improve and Apply Critical Thinking Skills in the Workplace

In a time of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, we tend to panic and become anxious. In these trying times, we have to make life-changing …

young woman in the office reviewing a military resume
Resume Writing Tips

Your Job-Winning Guide to Writing a Military Resume

As part of the military force, you might have encountered risky, life-and-death situations at least once. You’ve had days of training that honed your skills …

a woman planning to create her resume
Resume Writing Tips

Resume Sections: Present Your Details Like A Pro

With many companies reopening their businesses amid COVID-19, a lot of job hunters are seeing this silver lining to make ends meet. In the recent …

a job seeker uses his laptop to include resume skills examples he saw online on his resume
Resume Writing Tips

Best Skills Examples to Include in Your Resume (Soft and Hard Skills Recommended by the Experts)

With the current situation of the job market today due to the effects of COVID-19, hiring managers have become more particular in choosing the right …

man on his laptop writing his skills for resume
Resume Writing Tips

80+ Key Skills for Resume Writing on 2021 Top Industries (with Expert Tips)

In resume writing, it’s honestly easy to list all the skills you think you have (or those you’ve searched on Google). It surely is tempting …

workspace of a staff checking army CPOL resume builder updates
Resume Writing Tips

Army CPOL Resume Builder Updates for Job-Seeking Civilians

The United States Army not only recruits and trains brave and able-bodied persons to become soldiers. It also hires civilians as support staff in various …

Woman choosing among the resume types to use in front of a laptop
Job Search Needs

Differentiating Resume Types and Choosing What Suits Your Needs

For most job seekers, resume writing is the hardest part of their job search journey. It takes a lot of practice and requires knowledge of …

Job search tips on how to discuss disability in resume
Job Search Needs

Resume Writing Tips for Job Seekers with Disabilities

Helen Keller, Nick Vujicic, Frida Kahlo, and Stephen Hawking are among the world’s best in their own fields, gaining them countless praises. They’ve changed the …

Successful nurse aide applicant through cna resume
Resume Writing Tips

Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Writing Dos and Don’ts for Your Next Job Search

Now that we’re facing a global healthcare crisis, the demand for medical jobs is increasing. Aside from battling the COVID-19 pandemic, other healthcare concerns must …

Man writing his professional profile
Resume Writing Tips

Resume Profile Examples and Writing Tips for Professionals

Job search has become more challenging than ever. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the civilian unemployment rate in the US peaked at …

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