Resume Writing Tips

A clothing store, pictured here, requires a staff with strong product knowledge, a sales associate job description needed to be reflected on the resume
Resume Writing Tips

On Sales Associate Jobs and How a Strong Resume Can Help You Land One

Today’s social and economic climate has seen the job market greatly affected. As the global pandemic rages on, layoffs, revenue losses, and business closures have …

How long should a resume be
Resume Writing Tips

How Long Should Your Resume Be? Does Length Matter?

How long should a resume be? This question has long been a subject of debate and still bothers many job seekers today. Do hirers require …

A cashier working now after placing cashier job description on her resume
Career Tips

How Can Job Descriptions Help Strengthen Your Cashier Resume

Not all jobs remain stable in the time of a pandemic. Yet, as people’s demand for food and other essentials grows during lockdowns, many stores …

Problematic new graduate looking for ways on how to make a resume
Resume Writing Tips

A Guide on to How to Make a Resume for New Grads

Have you just graduated from college? If you’re stuck in limbo still trying to decide what to do next, learning how to make a resume …

Skip writing an objective for resume and write a compelling qualifications profile instead
Resume Writing Tips

Why Skip Writing an Objective Statement for Your Resume

First things first: Writing an objective for resume is now dated. This means you have the chance to allot space for more relevant details to …

Man in suit writing his executive cv
Career Tips

Why You Need an Executive CV and Tips to Write a Good One

There are a host of reasons a job seeker needs to prepare curriculum vitae instead of a resume, especially when aiming for a senior- or …

man's hand writing resume action words on a piece of paper
Resume Writing Tips

Express Yourself and Impress Employers through Resume Action Words

In the current job market, making your resume stand out and look better than your rivals can be quite a challenge. This is especially true …

girl high school student thinking about writing student resume in class
Resume Writing Tips

Student Resume Writing Guide for a Successful College Admission

The college application process can be stressful especially if you don’t have someone to guide you or give you advice. However, planning ahead of time …

working closely in laptop - professional resume writers
Resume Writing Tips

How to Write a Narrative Statement that Boosts Job Credibility

Indeed, many changes are happening in the hiring industry. New technology, such as the use of applicant tracking system or ATS, simplifies the applicant screening …

leadership skills
Resume Writing Tips

What to Know about Including Leadership Skills in Your Resume

Being a leader is no easy task. Besides yourself, you’ll lead a team or a project. You’ll be responsible for the actions and the outcome …

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