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How to Write a Resume and Cover Letter for High-Paying Jobs

Of course, there are professional people who may change career paths or tries to join a different field. Most people feel they have the credentials and skills to move to the next higher position. However, some aren’t capable of crafting their resume to aim for high-paying jobs. Some may struggle to squeeze their accomplishments or unaware of how to introduce yourself. If that’s you, then your resume and cover letter need to show you’re equipped well to meet that challenge. Here are useful tips and examples to help you write a resume and cover letter that will prove you are ripe for a higher position.

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Five Surefire Tips in Writing an Impressive Resume for High-Paying Jobs

Tip #1: Start with a powerful summary.

Don’t begin your resume with an objective statement that describes your career goals. Instead, write a summary that shows how you will add value to your potential employer.

Tip #2: Don’t give everyone the same resume.

A good executive resume needs a clear, concise message on the value you bring and that message must focus on your target position or company. You will need multiple resumes and cover letters. For example, if you have strong knowledge of many industries or over one skill, you should write separate resumes for each.

Tip #3: Focus on your accomplishments.

Most resumes focus on job responsibilities, but achievements are more powerful. Achievements show what you did and prove that you can make a difference. If your resume shows you boosted profit and/or revenue, cut overhead, or improved productivity, managers will want to have you.

Tip #4: Include a context.

To appreciate your accomplishments, the reader needs context. If you say you “improved sales by 15%,” the reader may be quite impressed. Yet if you tell him you “reversed a four-year decline and improved sales 15% in the first year,” the reader can now appreciate your achievement. Try to give context to each position description on your resume and cover letter instead of describing your duties.

Tip #5: Design your resume perfectly.

Most hiring executives rely on first impression. Therefore, make sure yours is a good one. Your resume design should be clean, easy-to-read, and draw the reader’s attention to key details. If you want recruiters to notice the top brands you’ve marketed and for you to work high-paying jobs, use color or style. In fact, this will highlight and place them in a prominent part of your resume.

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Follow these tips and examples and you’ll see an improvement in the response rate to your resume and cover letter. If you’re looking, rather, for experts, go to Resume Prime or contact us at 1 (888) 846-9272.

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