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Career Growth: How to Tell You’re on the Right Track

As tough as finding a job, knowing and understanding what career success is also a challenge to everyone in the workforce. Whether you’re a novice who’s trying to set foot in the corporate world or a seasoned professional in the industry, knowing what “career growth” is all about is an advantage before pursuing a job.

Is career growth all about happiness and/or satisfaction? How can you tell you’re on the right track toward a fruitful career? Are you after a job that shows your worth, or is it more important to find a job that has a purpose?

Now is the time to find and give meaning to your job. Here’s how to know if you’re on the right track.

1. You Are Eager to Do Your Work

Your eagerness to start your work day by getting out of bed early—even if your body seems to disagree—is a clear sign that you love your job. But if you feel like mornings are more of a burden, then you need a great deal of encouragement to face the reality.

2. You Don’t Get Tired of Doing the Same Thing

Another sign of career growth is knowing that you can’t see yourself doing any other job. You love what you’re doing every single day. Further, you feel excited as if it’s always your first day. Thus, coming to work during holidays and even extended hours is no big deal.

3. You Are “At Peace”

This means that nothing about your job bothers you at all. You no longer hear the external noise that discourages you from taking the steps. You have the determination, courage, and certainty as you do things without ifs and buts. Likewise, don’t let other people’s expectations influence your actions, but instead take time to discern things on your own—with career growth on your mind.

4. You Feel Your Worth

Besides earning a satisfying paycheck, another indication of career growth is the appreciation and respect that you get and feel from your colleagues. These two important things are clear signs you’re worthy of their trust. Thus, giving you the drive and inspiration to do more.

A successful career starts in finding a good job. Hence, creating a notable resume is the first step to getting it. If you’re having a hard time writing your own, seek resume examples aligned to your chosen field. Use it as your guide to give you the edge and advantage among other applicants. You may also seek a professional resume writing service to have a job-targeted copy. Let Resume Prime do the job for you.

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