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How to Cut Off Details on Your Resume for the Better

According to an online resume builder company in the United States, LiveCareer, most employers and job experts advise applicants to keep their resumes and CVs under two pages. But for most industries, a single-paged resume is enough to make an impact. Apparently, it is important that you know how to trim down your resume.

So how can you include all the necessary information in a single page without using an eight-point font? Follow these tips:

• Cut down one inch margins to half
• Combine sections to conserve space (e.g., Education and Achievements, Skills and Work Experience)
• Make line spacing as little as possible
• Shorten bullets
• Include only the necessary details
• Eliminate experiences older than 10 years
• Use a telegraphic writing style
• Customize your resume according to the target job

While in the midst of updating your resume, take note of these reminders to prevent irrelevant information from outweighing significant ones:

• Avoid repeating information
• Remove objective section
• Remove the “Reference Available Upon Request” line
• Use the proper font
• Edit and proofread your work

A concise resume will not only save you time but your future employer’s as well. The last tip to having a succinct resume is to look at our resume examples or hire a professional resume writer!

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