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Worst Habits that Kill Your Productivity at Work

Is there a point in your life when you want to accomplish your tasks, but you’re too “unmotivated” to get them done? You may think it’s just procrastination or the hangover from last night, but there are productivity killers at work that are worse than procrastination.

What are the productivity killers?

These are the things that you do or your habits and activities in the office that make you less productive. If you feel you’re not as dynamic as you once were at work, it’s time to bring back your vibe and banish these productivity killers for good:
productivity killers at work

Not setting priorities

Are you having a terrible time working on a pile of tasks with different deadlines? The solution to this grueling dilemma is to organize your priorities and start with the most urgent first. Sorting out your priorities will not only brush up your organization skills; it will help you successfully accomplish your goals and meet the deadlines hassle-free, as well.

Excessive multitasking

Multitasking is a vital skill that every employee must have. However, being busy is different with being productive. Excessive multitasking wipes out your focus, making you counterproductive. Slow down, and again, sort out your priorities. If you must concentrate on difficult tasks, eliminate the things that may distract you such as social media, your smartphone, or the chat box.

Lack of (or no) motivation

There are people who just don’t have the urge to their work done, because they’re unmotivated or uninspired. If you’re going through the same problem, read inspirational quotes or bring your favorite motivational book at work to rekindle your motivated self. You can also display a photo of your family, friends, or your special someone on your desktop to inspire you every day.


Self-doubt is not only one of the most notorious productivity killers, but our number one enemy, too. When you feel you can’t do a certain task just because you failed it before, think about why you’re considered for the job in the first place. This way you will remind yourself about your untapped abilities and keep that momentum going.

Messy workspace

Yes, a messy workspace havocs your motivation, too. The stack of papers and scattered office tools distract you from focusing on what’s important; not to mention spending more time searching for your pen or note pad than actually working. Take time to keep your workspace clean and neat.

Too many meetings

Constant meetings deplete your time to work on your tasks. Don’t call a meeting if you can meet your object through other means such as email, memo, or status update. But if you must, invite only the relevant colleagues. You can as well kindly decline the meeting if it doesn’t have an agenda.

Social media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest can also become your productivity killers if not used right. If you’re working in an industry where social media is a requirement, focus solely on the actual task.

Chatting or gossiping

Gossiping is the worst past-time in the office as it tarnishes your professional standing and the relationship you have with your colleagues. As a responsible employee, practicing good communication and transparency is a virtue. This will keep you guarded from misinformation and conflict that may rise caused by rumors.


Does your smartphone’s constant beeping pauses you from working? Switch your smartphone to silent mode or place it inside your drawer to keep it from distracting you. If the call is truly urgent, go to a more private space and never resort to “cell yell.”
productivity killers

If you find any of these productivity killers difficult to overcome, and you decide that maybe a new career may inspire you to be productive again, do not hesitate to seek the help of our resume experts to craft you a stunning resume. Contact us today to know more about our professional, entry-level, executive, or federal resume writing services and get a free consultation!

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