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Challenges First-Time Managers Face and Ways to Deal with Them

Leading and managing a team is a real challenge for anyone, for it equates to greater responsibilities. But if you’re a young boss and it’s your first time in a management role, the burden can be twofold. It’s a role where you deal with cultural change and reproach even senior employees.

If you’re keen to apply for a management post or already one, below are the challenges young managers may face and some tips on how to overcome them.

Management Challenges and Tips on How to Lead as a Young Boss

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1. Coworker to Boss Transition

If you’re promoted or applying for a manager post, there’s a chance you’ll end up with some of your former teammates. It’s a common, awkward scenario but don’t let it stall you from having a good start.

Keep in mind that even though you’re a manager, you’re still a part of the team. says rather than being their “boss”, be their “leader”. Help them realize that the success of your team depends on your collective efforts.

2. Terminating an Employee

It’s difficult to fire an employee regardless of your age or experience. If troubles made by a certain employee, however, weigh more than his or her contributions, termination is a wise choice. Besides, everyone in the company must know the rules and punishments and your role is to implement them.

Likewise, make sure you use a fair and consistent layoff process according to Be open and honest. Provide a fair severance and outplacement package and prepare to compensate for the gap and workflow change in the team.

3. Effective Team Communication

Maintain an open communication within the team. For you and your team to grow, feedback must come from different parties. If you failed, this will lead to miscommunication and management problems.

To have an effective communication with the team, reminds leaders to be clear and consistent. Be direct in giving feedback and available whenever your staff wants to talk to you. This will help you avoid being tagged as bossy.

4. Managing Generational Differences

Senior employees may find it hard to trust and respect your ideas and opinions because of your lesser experience level. Hence, they will question your judgment, making it hard for you to build rapport with your older teammates.

Earn your team’s trust and respect by striving to manage generational differences., a blog site for women, suggests adjusting your management style depending on the needs of your people. Start by studying the behavior and work ethic of each age group.

5. Delegating Tasks

Doing all the efforts because you’re afraid to delegate tasks will just make you a pushover. You may also get burned out if you do all the work yourself. Further, this practice hinders your team from learning and growing professionally. urges you to be more confident. Ask for help and advice to the experienced staff when needed. Always remind yourself that delegating tasks to your team members is your role and duty as part of the team.

Being a young boss and a first-time manager is a huge responsibility that not just anyone can handle. If you think you have what it takes to be one, let Resume Prime help you kick-start your career. Call us or visit to know what we can offer.

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