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Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Writing Dos and Don’ts for Your Next Job Search

Now that we’re facing a global healthcare crisis, the demand for medical jobs is increasing. Aside from battling the COVID-19 pandemic, other healthcare concerns must also be attended. This is why we’ve seen the growth of job posts in the healthcare industry, one of which being opportunities for the certified nursing assistant (CNA) job post. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the CNA job roles, job outlook, and other career tips to help you write the best CNA resume.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Job Roles

A certified nursing assistant or nurse aide provides basic assistance to patients with their daily activities. These often include basic tasks such as eating, standing, walking, and other activities that might need physical assistance. They usually work hand-in-hand with registered nurses (RNs) and doctors when attending to patients’ healthcare needs. Their job roles include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Turning or lifting patients
  • Taking vital signs
  • Preparing meals and drinks
  • Changing bed sheets and pillows
  • Dressing wounds
  • Answering patient calls
  • Collecting medical data
  • Stocking hospital supplies
  • Assisting patient admission and discharge

Nurse aides perform duties which may vary depending on the situation. From clerical to medical tasks, doctors and nurses may seek for nurse aides’ support to deliver quality healthcare services. Hence, choosing this field requires not only mental skills but also great physical stamina.

CNA Job Outlook

Even though this job involves a handful of job roles, pursuing this career is still a good choice for there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects the nursing assistant profession to grow by 9% from 2018 to 2028—a rate faster than average for other jobs. Aside from the increasing demand, you can also make a mean annual wage of $28,540, depending on the location, experience level, and employer. So, if you’re planning to enter this career, now is the best time for you.

Dos and Don’ts of Writing Certified Nursing Assistant Resume

Dos and Don’ts and other Tips of Writing Certified Nursing Assistant Resume

Check this list before you write your CNA resume and cover letters.

Don’t bury your accomplishments

When writing your CNA resume, don’t forget to include your related accomplishments. Cite achievements from your previous job or if you’re a fresh graduate, your on-the-job training will do. Tell them the challenges you encountered and how you successfully solved each one through your skills.

Do flaunt your soft skills

Since it is a cutthroat competition, one way to capture your hiring manager’s eyes is through featuring your winning strengths. Indeed, employers look at your technical proficiency but they also place a high value on your soft skills. These set of skills are important because this job requires frequent interpersonal communication especially with patients and their families.

Don’t let lack of experience hold you back

Unlike taking on an RN role, entering nurse aide jobs doesn’t require bachelor’s degree. However, formal training is required and added certificate courses will help you gain more job opportunities. Through these, you’ll be able to enhance your previous skills and be more confident to apply to more job openings.

Do take training courses

Each state may require different set of criteria to become a CNA. You may need to complete exams and render required training hours to receive your certificate. But before you proceed with the said course, check if the program is state-approved to make your effort count. You can also boost your career by taking a college degree.

Don’t use vague action words

Be more precise in describing your winning feats. Use action words and sprinkle a good amount of resume keywords into your job search tool. This will help you pass the strict applicant tracking system and the high standards of most hiring managers.

Do write a strong CNA resume profile

Make a lasting impact with an effective resume profile. Instead of using resume objectives, it’s best to present a short yet insightful resume profile at the start of your job search tool. To know more about resume profile writing, read this blog: Resume Profile Examples and Writing Tips for Professionals

Write a Compelling CNA Resume Today

There might be hundreds of CNA job applicants but only few proceed to the next stage of job application. Why? Because not all resumes pass through the standard. Be one of these chosen candidates through a job-winning resume. Check our resume samples or read our resume writing tips to help you build your CNA resume. You may also view our resume writing services and partner with our career experts to snag more hiring chances. Contact us today.


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