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7 Effective Tips to Deal with Office Drama Kings and Queens

Office drama comes in different forms: trash-talking, gossiping, popularity contests, office breakups, or exclusive groups – which may result in conflict among colleagues. If you’re a concerned employee or manager who chooses to be the first to step up in the situation, follow these tips.

Ways to Deal with Office Drama Kings and Queens


1. Establish transparency.

Just because you’re working in the same department with them, doesn’t mean you need to reel in the drama. If your other colleagues are choosing their sides, be the one to manifest transparency. This way you can avoid rumors and influence others to do the same.

2. Don’t engage in rumors

People who gossip to you will gossip about you. Keep your interaction with the office drama king/queen brief and work-focused. If they still insist on opening a “small talk” about a colleague, you can gently say, “I got to go back to work.” And leave.

3. Gently break the negativity

Gossiping attracts negativity within the workplace. If someone is being negative, give them a gentle response. You can say, “Hey, I’ve just noticed we’re so fixated on the negative. Can we talk about positive ones instead?” Let them know that optimism keeps a healthy, harmonious relationship despite each own shortcomings.

4. Ask for the facts

Asking for the facts is another effective way to block office drama. You can say, “Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Is it a fact or you just heard it from someone?” With this, you will not only change their bad behavior, but you will take the fun out of gossiping as well.

5. Document the office drama

Do you notice that particular colleague who consistently spreads rumors around the workplace? Document his/her ongoing behavior, detailing the instance as proof. Office drama queens/kings are not only good at gossiping but are splendid at denying them, too.

6. Focus on what’s more important

Don’t stress yourself on things that should not affect you in the first place. Focus on the things that matter most, including your career, professional growth, and your relationship with your closest colleagues.

7. Celebrate diversity

You can’t change someone who doesn’t see an issue in their actions. If they can’t seem to change how they behave at work, accept it. Camaraderie is the key.

If all else fails, seek an expert to help put this sickening workplace attitude to an end. Or do you think finding a new workplace is the best choice to avoid your office drama kings and queens for good? Our professional resume samples will guarantee to help you in your game!

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