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Ways to Handling Office Breakup without Shattering Your Career

Few of the most common advice to survive a heart-wrecking breakup are to keep distance and remove all the things that will rekindle the memory of his/her ex-lover. But what if that person’s ex is also his/her co-worker? How can one handle office breakup without deteriorating his/her career?

If you’re experiencing the same scenario, don’t think about writing your resignation letter just yet. Here are some helpful tips to handling all the office drama without shattering your career into pieces:

Handling Office Breakup Like a Pro

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1. Keep the split up issue outside the workplace.

What happens in the house stays in the house. It may be difficult, but it’s crucial to agree early with your significant other to keep your relationship at home and maintain your “co-worker” relationship at the office. With this, it will be easier for you both to ensure that when things don’t go well anymore, your career and colleagues won’t pay the price.

2. Be professional at all times.

Now, the last thing you want to lose is your co-workers’ respect. Don’t tarnish your professional image with your breakup dramas. It will only make them remember you about your issues and not about your contributions to the company. Plus, imagine the horror of being the “hot topic of the month” in the office.

3. Don’t make your colleagues feel awkward and uncomfortable.

There may be a time when you and your ex will work on a team with other colleagues. In fact, it’s not you working together that can be awkward, but your co-workers who know about the split may feel uncomfortable, especially if the tension rises.

Here are the things you can do to put the situation at ease, despite how things ended:
– Compliment your ex whenever possible.
– Avoid questions that your colleagues throw about the breakup.
– Keep the communication polite and professional.
– Never mumble snide remarks towards your ex under your breath (no matter how tempting it might be).

4. Keep your head in the game.

In this fast-paced industry and competitive work environment, thinking about your ex will make you less inspired and productive at work. Find more time to contemplate on things that matter most: your career growth.

5. Space is important.

It’s natural for you to avoid – at the same time – see as little of each other after the fresh split. But it’s important to give each other space and time to cope with the healing process. Don’t sneak around his/her cubicle, go to the coffee machine (if you see him/her standing there), or wait for the next trip if you see him/her getting into the elevator. Limit your interaction with your ex-partner, especially if it’s not related to work. It will save you from embarrassing moments and gossips.

6. Never flirt with a colleague on purpose.

Whether you want to prove that you really have moved on or just crushing on a newly hired employee, flirting with a co-worker won’t help you deal with the office breakup. Your colleagues will only think you’re just another flirt or “serial dater” whose mind is never on the job.

7. Limit your contact.

Since you and your ex work at the same office, it will be difficult to stay away from him/her completely, especially if you’re expected to work together on a team. As we’ve mentioned earlier, limit your interaction if it’s not related to work. Talk like co-workers, but avoid bringing out sensitive topics that may drag you both back to the pain of the past.

8. Don’t tell a tale about your recent breakup in the office.

When a relationship ends, it can be tempting to vent out the heartache and bad mouth your ex to your closest colleagues. No matter how hard they ask you to spill the beans, avoid telling the details of your split. Why? There may be an instance that some of your colleagues will listen not because they care, but because they want to fuel up the rumor mill. So, before you go into details, think about the consequences. You don’t want to taint either of your professional reputations out of a breakup spill, do you?

9. Be patient.

Don’t rush, honey. There’s no shortcut to healing a broken heart fast. Just keep your focus on your job and your other priorities and great results soon will follow. Look at this office breakup as your first stepping stone to developing a better version of yourself. You’ll be alright, we promise you that.

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