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5 Easy Ways to Beat Isolation at Work

Do your colleagues bully or treat you coldly? Do you find it hard to reach out to them? Does either of these situations make you lonely during office hours? If such instances happen to you at work, then you may be a victim of workplace isolation.

Working should not hamper your happiness. Avoid workplace isolation by following these tips from Resume Prime.

1. Take the lead.

Don’t let your timid character and your group’s current mood sadden you.
Your introverted personality must not stop you from making friends. Yes, you may be shy but you can always initiate the move to mingle with your co-workers. Speak up! A simple “Hi,” “Hello,” or “Good morning” can brighten up the day and help you start a great conversation.

2. Smile at others.

Turn a bland day into a wonderful one by smiling at people around your office. A cheery face may bring good vibes not just to others but to you, too. Yes, studies prove that smiling lowers people’s anxiety and builds strong friendships.

The adage, “Smiling is contagious” still holds true nowadays. Throw a warm smile and soon you’ll see other professionals returning the favor. It will bring you comfort and will make you feel at ease while carrying out your tasks.

3. Approach them.

While instant messaging systems and video calls could help you connect quickly and effectively with your coworkers, they could affect and weaken your social skills, too. They could oust the benefits of face-to-face interaction and dent your emotional well-being. Hence, even if these tools are valuable, approaching your colleagues in person remains a better option.

If you are to relay a message to someone in your department, you may directly talk with that person, provided it requires no formal communication. Instead of sending an email to the person next to you to inquire about a work-related protocol, you may just approach him/her personally. Go to his/her workstation and talk about your concern.

If you’re the team leader, organize periodic meetings to let group members collaborate and share their opinions. This will trigger excitement and teamwork.

4. Participate in activities.

Take advantage of company outings and use it as the perfect time to show your “true” self. Partake in any activity that will allow you to hone your skills and gain new friends.

Highlight your sporty side by joining volleyball, fun run, weight-loss competition, or any company-wide contest. This way, you can socialize and share similar experiences with others.

5. Keep sense of humor.

Don’t take life too seriously. Problems are always there but don’t use them as excuses to get mad. Leave your problems behind as you fulfill your professional duties. Don’t allow them to meddle and affect your performance. Lighten up your day by sharing a funny story you’ve just had while commuting to office. Crack a joke so your colleagues could notice your bubbly side. Do it once and expect that your co-workers will include you in their future conversations.

Indeed, working is not all about meeting clients’ expectations and deadlines; it is also laughing around for a harmonious professional relationship.

Don’t suffer in silence. Come out of your comfort zone, join other professionals, and create your circle of friends. Soon you’ll overcome workplace isolation and witness these friendships working to your advantage. Who knows beating isolation at work could trigger future career growth?

Job seekers often have difficulty figuring out the atmosphere in their target company. Hence, you should convey a clear message that you don’t want to feel isolated. Your professional resume can reflect the character that you possess.

Image courtesy of Toa Heftiba at Unsplash.com

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