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Does Your Interview Body Language Prevent Your Job Hunt Success?

When people tell you actions speak louder than words, sometimes you can’t help but roll your eyes about this age-old advice. It tells you to read between the lines first and check other people’s body language before you conclude anything. This advice applies to job-hunting, too. Don’t let your body movements impede your job search success. Get your pen and paper ready to write these job interview pointers from career experts.

The Value of Body Language Awareness during a Job Interview

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Why is body language important in an interview? The job interview belongs to the list of most important conversations anyone will have in his or her life. You can lose a huge career break if you’re not careful with your actions during a crucial job interview. Thus, job seekers must mind the body language for interviews do’s and don’ts to avoid tragic missteps.

Body language psychology suggests that it takes more than words from your mouth to communicate a message. So, attract more job offers with the following interview body language tips.

Don’t Drag Your Feet to the Interview Room

We call it body language for a reason. Even when you don’t utter a word, how you hold yourself in front of an audience tells a great deal on your personality. When you enter the room posing weird or walking like a lost kid in the park, it’s so probable the recruiter won’t hire you. Instead, you must…

Enter the Room Lively

Show an active spirit from the time you step into the interview room. Remember, you don’t need a trademark runway strut just to seem impressive. Otherwise, a lively yet composed gait will show employers you’re thrilled to speak with them.

Avoid Weird Facial Expressions

It’s natural to worry in a job interview. However, don’t be too obvious, but instead avoid making things awkward between you and your interviewer. Besides, don’t wink, raise your brows, flare your nostrils, or make unnecessary facial movements. Keep a neutral yet pleasant appearance to avoid distracting him/her.

Break the Ice with a Warm Smile

Your smile is the perfect icebreaker. Even if you’re nervous or shy, muster even a small smile to show your recruiter you’re doing well. Imagine happy thoughts so joy will radiate from within you. A pleasant attitude paired with brilliant interview language skills makes for a strong candidate.

Don’t Stare (It’s Rude and Creepy)

Recruiters appreciate it when you make eye contact during the conversation. However, don’t stare at them for too long, or you’ll make them uncomfortable. Thus, you must…

Make Good Eye Contact

Once you’ve connected, it’s alright to break eye contact now and then. Don’t be too conscious. Doing so might make your interviewer think you’re lying or hiding something. Instead, keep your face in clear view and show your interest by nodding at the proper moment.

Stop Fidgeting with Your Hands

Don’t disrupt your recruiters’ focus with unnecessary hand movements. In fact, pointing, using karate chop gestures, folding your hands across your chest, and keeping them inside your pockets or behind your back give negative impressions to the recruiter. Instead…

Place Your Hands Where They Should Be

Clasp them together on your lap or on top of the table. When you show your palm from time to time as you speak, it means you’re honest. Therefore, don’t hold back your hand motions altogether. Jazz hands are annoying, but the right gestures can help stress your point.

Don’t Hunch and Slouch

It’s no mortal sin to feel comfortable in the interview. However, don’t rock the chair or lean back and plop as if you’re sitting on a couch at home. Hence, avoid body language mistakes. Instead…

Keep Your Back Straight While Sitting or Standing

A poor posture makes you look tired and bored. Show your willingness to take on the role with your professional air and composure. Further, leaning in during the meeting will reaffirm the recruiter you’re focused on the topic and keeping up with the conversation. Likewise, mirroring or aligning your body with the recruiter helps give the same impression, too.

More Body Language during Interview Pointers to Consider

  • Greet your interviewer with a firm friendly handshake.
  • Don’t forget to greet others in the interview room.
  • Avoid crossing your legs and, instead, place your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Don’t make your recruiter think you want to hurry out of the building by tapping your feet on the floor or your fingers or pen on the table.

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The trick to acing your job interview body language is to have presence of mind. Just as how careful you are with your words, pay close attention to how you carry yourself in front of an employer. Don’t let one small slip in your actions cost you the career opportunity of a lifetime.

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Images courtesy of Unsplash

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