Your "Boss from Hell" Survival Manual

Your “Boss from Hell” Survival Manual [Infographic]

Do you have a bad boss? Before you decide to quit your job and look for the best resume format, here’s a survival manual in a form of infographic to help you survive a vindictive boss.

Tips on How to Deal with Your Bad Boss [Infographic]

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Your “Boss from Hell” Survival Manual

Some of us used to think that psychopaths are the ones behind bars. They are wearing a straightjacket, prison uniform, or a clown costume. But little did they know that some psychos can be seen in the office and people in there call them “boss”.

Annoying Traits of a Bad Boss

  1. Yells or speaks offensive remarks
  2. Seldom communicates with the team
  3. Motivates with fears or threats
  4. Doesn’t work as hard as the team
  5. Neglect to give guidance
  6. Has a favorite employee or member
  7. Avoids or fears conflicts
  8. Inconsiderate of other’s suggestions
  9. Wants an absolute control over your job
  10. Blames you or the team for failures

Things That Only a Mean Boss Say

  1. “You should be thankful you even have a job.”
  2. “Just figure it out yourself.”
  3. “That’s a stupid idea.”
  4. “I want it done yesterday!”
  5. “I work very hard every day so should you.”
  6. “So you’re one of those shirkers?”

How to Handle Them?

If you can’t stand your boss’ attitude but you want to stay in the company, here are the things you can do to manage up:

1. Play the game with some distraction.
Stay out of the radar by doing something superfluous that will help you get real work done and get him distracted.

2. Don’t badmouth them.
They may badmouth you but you’re going to make it worse if you talk back with words that cut deeper than you receive.

3. Try to find compassion.
You didn’t enter the company with horns and pitchforks. Keep a positive environment by showing compassion to your work and others especially to your boss.

4. Remain professional.
The HR department is not your friend. Don’t take things too personally as you’ll end up finding your way in the trouble than the way out.

5. Grow your inner humorist.
It’s good to be polite but a little humor can’t hurt.

6. Never try hard to change them.
Like any other toxic relationship, keep out of exposure.

Having a bad boss in a team should not change your character as a person. Stand out proud against the bully. Resume Prime will help you land a better job in the hands of a great leader. Contact us for inquiries today!

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