engineering resume writing mistakes to avoid

Engineering Resume Writing Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Career Blueprint

Can you still remember your first engineering project? Were you so clueless which bolt fits which nut? I bet you remember the happy dance you did (or at least in your mind) when you completed it. Now you’re in the real world, are you experiencing the same problem in writing your resume? Fear not, for you will start that happy dance again once you avoid this engineering resume writing mistakes!

Tips to Avoid Engineering Resume Writing Mistakes

The internet has tons of engineering resume samples. But this engineering resume writing guide covers the essentials you must follow to generate job increase.

Avoid Creating a Text-Heavy Resume.

You may think that putting all the information interests the hiring managers. Truth is, a text-heavy resume works against your favor. As soon as recruiters see blocks of text, their eyes get strained. Recruiters skip reading those applications to give way to other candidates. Use the keywords written in the job posting as much as possible, provided you own the said qualities.

Watch out for the Words You Choose.

Shun away outdated words and phrases such as ‘highly qualified’, ‘innovative’, ‘problem-solver’. Instead of cliché words, put your achievements in that visual window. Engineers thrive in numbers that’s a proven fact. Flesh out your achievement by quantifying the scale of your success. Don’t just say, “Completed several engineering projects.” Instead, try “Efficiently supervised $20M condominium construction.” This way, employers grasp your abilities.

Dodge Complex Words.

Avoid putting complex terminologies in your resume. This is the most common engineering resume mistake to avoid. Not everyone who reads your resume will understand these terms. Test your communication skills. Employers select resumes they understand, so trade these terms with words that everyone comprehends. Imagine you are presenting yourself to the world, how will they discover a gem if you’re covered with rocks?

Remove Too Personal Information.

Your resume is your marketing document. With this, you sell yourself: abilities, experiences, even your personality. While you want to present yourself as honest as possible, not every detail deserves to be in your resume. Do not share yet your religion or your political views unless needed. Save space in your resume by eliminating the terms ‘References available upon request’. These are personal information. Prepare them but only offer these details once the hiring managers ask you.

Make Sure to Proofread.

Now that you know what to include in an engineering resume, review your work before you hit the send button. A well-written resume signals your possible employers you can notice even the smallest details. Not only will they read your paper from start to finish, they will consider you for an interview. Seek the help of a trusted colleague or a working family member to check for the format, grammar, and spelling mistakes in your resume. Let them comment whether your resume is easy for them to read.

Remember That Your Resume Is Not One-Size-Fits-All Project.

Not all screws fit a certain nut. You should not create a general resume and sent it to job posting sites. Instead, take the time to customize your resume. Just as machines have specific functions, your resume would only appeal to those who need your skills and experience you present.
Consider having your resume improved by experts. Not only will they offer a fresh outlook on your resume, but they could also point you in the right direction, too.

MAC, 2 Polaroid shots, two pens and a book on top of a table

With these tips on how to avoid engineering resume writing mistakes, prepare for your happy dance as your resume reaches the right people and land your to your dream job.

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