A group of men and women who disagrees about gender stereotyping in the workplace

Gender-Based Stereotyping in the Workplace to which You Must Bid Goodbye

Gender stereotyping has topped the list of the most pressing and argued issue today from being an absurd topic. Long before some known people fought for workplace equality, society tagged women as homemakers and men as wage earners. In fact, you could seldom see women in the workplace while men stay in the house to do kitchen works. Hence, gender stereotyping hinders the growth and maturity of, not only girls, but also of boys. Despite of the historical revolts, which triggered women campaigns, gender bias still exists until today.

Typecasting is our mind’s first stab to picture assumptions. For instance, a new employee is about to join your team. In response, you’ll likely tell norms based on gender stereotype right away, which is wrong.

How to Combat Gender Stereotyping to Achieve Gender Equality in the Workplace

a set of people who wants to put a stop in gender stereotyping

Establish Your Own Identity

Eradication of gender stereotyping starts in you. Believe in your own ability and skills to finish a task. Always remind yourself that strength and knack is not gender dependent. Likewise, avoid jumping into conclusions and make room for opportunities. Instead of looking at the empty part of the glass, tweak your views and trust yourself.

Speak and Point Out a Behavior

One way of fighting workplace bias is to point out a wrong attitude as you see it. Realize that any forms of inequity brace typecasting and gender bias at work. What are the common deeds you should closely call out? For instance, your team meets for your upcoming project and a male barred a female member who is explaining, for he is against the idea. Mention that the act wasn’t apt in a polite manner. Same as when a female member cut off a male teammate amid his chance to speak. Let’s grab every chance to instill gender equality and show simple acts on how to reduce stereotyping. Similarly, keep an open communication to keep good relationships and give everyone a chance to engage and team up. Share your thoughts and treat feedback as a gift to improve yourself.

How Do Women in the Workplace Combat Gender Stereotyping?

Women empowerment is an attitude-driven principle. In fact, you’ll witness movements, rallies, and laws to protect women and their right to equality worldwide. As per Quartz, the #banbossy campaign marks a change to how we must ban the word “bossy”. Today, we battle to lessen not just gender inequality; but to put a stop in job labeling as well. You matter and being a woman won’t stop you to chase your dreams.

Women Empowerment Comes from You.

Take the powerful line from Emma Watson’s speech for HeForShe campaign, “If not me, who? If not now, when?” If women keep the gender biases and their insights for themselves, nothing will happen. You’re far more deserving in aiming higher without being bossy. So don’t hold yourself back from taking risks and wrecking the stereotype set by the society.

Use Both Logic and Emotion to Handle Problem.

Yes, women are open and weigh emotions heavier in decision making. However, think before you decide. You must not let emotions overrule your logic. Respond smartly and move close enough to stand for yourself. When you experience gender stereotyping, know when and how you should react.

Celebrate and Love Your Womanhood.

Diversity and unity changes how the society casts women. Love your womanhood and the perks of it. Love your flaws and make it your own fuel to amplify your voice. Last, be confident so you can also empower others.

Equality is for both men and women. Men also deserve an equal chance to typecast jobs fixed for women. Everyone must strive to attain gender equality to break the troubling issue of gender stereotyping. Cooperation and persistence, regardless of gender, leads to positive change.

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