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Your Much-Needed Guide to Effective Meeting Facilitation

Meetings are essential for every team. During these assemblies, you brainstorm, build plans, resolve hiccups, and delegate tasks to teammates. However, people who dread meeting would try to avoid them, while others may attend only for the sake of showing up. A productive meeting gets stuff done for everyone, so counterproductive attitude like these must be resolved. So, how can you assure that the next meetings you conduct will be effective?

What Makes a Productive Meeting?

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A productive meeting doesn’t just come by—you need to put effort when conducting one! Aside from effective team collaboration, a productive meeting helps the team stay on track with its goals and heartens the rapport among its members. Running productive meetings must not be a mundane task for managers and team leaders. Hence, consider these practical tips on how to run productive meetings like a pro:

Set a Clear Agenda.

Before you hold the meeting, inform your attendees about the objectives. With this, your team will come prepared with inputs and questions relevant to the theme. Setting goals before the meeting is similar to going on a road trip armed with a map. It’s easier to navigate when you already know your destination.

Be Time-Conscious.

Time is an essential business resource. Set time for your meeting and stick to it. Respect other people’s seconds and keep your assemblage on schedule. Don’t wait for the stragglers to arrive and proceed as planned. Furthermore, avoid unnecessary chatter so you can focus discussing important matters.

Unplug from Devices.

How many times have you caught yourself browsing aimlessly on your phone even when you are working? If possible, ban the use of electronic devices during the meeting. Keep phones and laptops away from the conference table so you won’t be tempted to sneak a glance.

Face-To-Face Meetings over FaceTime.

Technology is a gift for businesses. However, with collaboration tools like Google Apps, Trello, Hubstaff, and other communication software that allows real-time video conferences like Skype, Hangouts, FaceTime, etc., people now prefer to hold meetings with the comfort of their desks. Kick this habit and opt for face-to-face meetings instead. Nothing can still beat the progress achieved when you huddle intimately with your team.

Limit Attendees.

You don’t need to invite everyone when conducting a business meeting. Accomplish each task with the key people and let others proceed with their respective operations. Inviting uninterested parties will not only bore them, it will be a waste of time and productivity.

Be Inclusive.

Business meetings make way for brainstorming. Hence, a productive meeting must foster smart conversations. Welcome each other’s ideas and queries. It’s not a good sign when you hear only one voice during the meeting. Too much silence might mean that your attendees are already sleeping. Ask them questions and encourage them to share their own thoughts on your topic.

End Strong and Clear.

Wrap up by summarizing the points agreed upon by the team. Effective meeting facilitation entails counterchecking to the goals you set at the beginning. Go over your minutes. Make sure all points are clear to everyone. Were all areas covered? Have you come up with a solid game plan after the discussions? Don’t leave the conference room without making sure that your agenda has been fulfilled.

Managing Successful Meetings Show Brilliant Leadership Skills

Meetings are vital for business growth. It’s a mini team-building event where professionals make better decisions, set new goals, and find solutions to problems to save everyone’s time and efforts. Effective team meeting ideas display great leadership skills. By leading a productive meeting, you improve team collaboration. Thus, your business will run smoother, achieve more goals, strengthen teamwork, develop smarter methods, and get better results.

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