job interview signs that tell if it went good or bad

7 Telltale Signs That a Job Interview Went Great or Worst

Have you ever felt wishing you’ve recorded the conversation after your interview? Never fret, you’re not alone.

Most of job applicants today find it hard to figure out whether they nailed it or not, blame it on hazy nerve whirls and stomach butterflies. Of course, when you’re sitting right next to an interviewer who (despite their clean looks,) will either end your agony or end your happy, confident days, there’s only thought of survival. You prayed that you endure the conversation and the handshake. But now you pray that you could replay what actually happened in the room.

For the replay thing you wish, we can’t do anything. However, the good news is that we could give you hints if you are on the employer’s top pick or not. Here they are:

1. The interviewer eagerly tells you the good qualities of the company

Why this could be a hint: citing you how great it is to work in their company could be a form of marketing. They might be telling these because they want you to like not just the business itself but also the working environment inside.

2. He/she asks if you have pending applications to other companies

Asking about your employment or job hunting status may indicate interest in hiring you. However, in this stage, they are still weighing if there’s a possibility that you might turn down their job offer.

3. You have been told many details about the job

Letting you know about the job you’re applying for is common. However, if the person asking you takes the extra mile to explain further details to you, it might be a great hint that they are into hiring you.

4. They have checked or called your references

Time is precious, so why will the company spend it calling to a reference of an applicant they are not interested with? Surely, if they paid time to do further research about you, it means you are being valued as an applicant.

On the darker side, there are also job interview signs that determine it didn’t went well. Here we spill it:

5. The person throwing questions frequently looks at the clock

Checking the time often means boredom. If your host looks at the clock too often, he might not be interested of focused on what you say. Sadly, you might not be qualified for the job.

6. You’ve been told that there are a lot of contenders for the position

This is not only done to inform you, sometimes, it is also done to hint that you have a small chance of getting the job.

7. The flow of conversation feels more like an interrogation

Hiring managers usually have the knack for smelling lies, especially the ones written in resumes. If you lied and felt like you are being grilled, it’s no paranoia. Chances are, your employer has already found out.

Take account on the gestures of your host, these are windows to see whether you have the chance or not. Clearly, the indications mentioned above were not a hundred percent accurate, but watch closely anyway, in case you turn crazy replaying the conversation on your mind, looking for signs such as body language if an interview went well.

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