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Do You Recognize These 9 Types of Office Sitter?

You can find many types of office sitter at work. They range from Mr. Hunchback to Mr. Skater and from Miss Fitness Freak to Miss Babbler. Are you wondering who you are on the list? Explore the personas below to find out.

1. Miss Workaholic

Besides being the first person to arrive and the last one to leave the office everyday, Miss Workaholic is the monthly recipient of the “Employee of the Month” award. She is so in love with her job that she never leaves her chair during lunch break. Yes, she eats her meal while taking calls, typing, and writing.
Best friend: The CEO

2. Mr. Statue

From the time he takes his seat until he ends his shift, you will only see this person move his ten little fingers. Unless you glance at his computer, you will never know that he’s indeed working and alive.
Best friend: None

3. Mr. Hunchback

This poor-postured office sitter hates social interactions. He isolates himself from his co-workers by cocooning on his chair and gluing his face on the computer. Don’t let his oddness trick you though because he’s definitely one of the company’s assets.
Best friend: Miss Workaholic

4. Miss Fitness Freak

Enthused by the saying, “Seven days without exercise makes one weak,” this girl brings her own, unique chair in the office: an exercise ball. She never feels satisfied until she does some stretching every 30 minutes and makes sure her long period of sitting won’t affect her blood circulation.
Best friend: Befriending: Everyone (She often encourages her colleagues to join her #HealthyLifestyle goals).

5. Mr. Sleepyhead

Thinking his office desk is his favorite pillow and his chair his king-size bed, this guy sleeps whenever he wants to. Unlike Miss Workaholic, this sluggish fellow is always behind, gets nothing done, and pushes things off onto his co-workers.
Best friend: His dreams

6. Miss Restless-slash-Babbler

This girl finds it hard to sit still for a long time, constantly plays on her chair, and asks nonsense questions to her nearby colleagues. She goes to the comfort room every 15 minutes to check on her makeup (and do some touch-up) and loves idle talk about others.
Best friend: Everybody (or so she thought)

7. Mr. Skater

This office sitter is a frustrated professional skater pursuing his dream by gliding and skating in the office every so often. Many of his workmates believe he glued his butt to his chair because he couldn’t leave it even when he’ll only throw a junk in a bin.
Best friend: Mr. Cool Guy

8. Mr. Cool Guy

You will often see this dude leaning on his chair’s backrest (which he placed in front of him for a “cooler” appearance) while sharing his weekend sprees with his workmates. Mr. Skater and Mr. Cool Guy became buddies when the latter taught the former the “backrest-in-front skating style” and how to apologize when he bumps with other employee’s chair.
Best friend: Mr. Skater

9. The Average Jane

This office sitter prefers the most standard of office chairs. She goes to work on time and leaves the office ten minutes after her shift. She enjoys her lunch breaks, too, and never plays with her chair or other office furniture. Her bosses and colleagues often praise her for her hard work and enthusiasm at work.
Best friend: Everyone

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