Review of One Source of Career Information

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment is projected to increase about 14 percent during the decade of 2010-2020 with more than half a million new jobs expected for each of four occupations—registered nurses, retail salespersons, home health aides, and personal care aides. This is an indication that job seekers are provided with a wide threshold and the only way through is to utilize sources which lead to information about where these jobs can be found.

There are several sources of information for job openings and these are:

  • Personal contacts
  • Employers
  • Professional societies, trade groups, and labor unions
  • Printed ads for job vacancies
  • Internet resources

Internet resources are the widely used tools for finding published labor market information. Online sources include job listing, resume posting services, job fairs, training, and local labor news. These sources deliver information regarding job hiring and provide significant help to job seekers.

Employers Go Online

Current Internet services are an extensive medium for information on potential careers. Online job sites become the widely used avenue for employers to disseminate information regarding job opportunities.

Most companies, private and government, are maximizing the use of the Internet in searching for qualified applicants. They specifically instruct job seekers to post resumes online to avoid inundated hard copies that are time-consuming to read and evaluate. ResumePrime reviews the reasons why employers keep up with modern activities:

  • They can steer away long gaps that hiring procedures usually entail.
  • They are more cost efficient than traditional recruitment approach.
  • They provide a wider network to search for more qualified candidates.
  • They open up an opportunity to promote a brand,as well as the company’s image.
  • They are manageable and can be done from the employer’s own functional work space.
  • They enable hiring managers to filter and search for detailed perimeters that will specifically show required skills and qualities.
  • They provide easy access to online resumes without the need to post the vacancies.
  • They give employers full control of the hiring process because they can directly communicate with prospects.
  • They allow the creation of a priority database to compile highly valuable resumes from an online search to preserve candidates for future reference.

As companies assimilate the efficiency of web sites, employers will simply key in terms or keywords and they will be directed to resumes reflecting the required qualifications. As such, online posting of resumes is a competent process that will make application and qualification perceptible to employers.

Be Prepared for the Hunt

The upsurge, however, on online application creates a stiffer competition. The following guidelines will help job seekers prepare for their job search:

  • Search for a job that is related to your qualifications.
  • Reflect on your skills, employment goals, and techniques to achieve these goals.
  • Strategize ways on how you will define and demonstrate your competencies and potentials.
  • Create an impressive career summary.

One thing is important: taking full advantage of online resources will help you find a promising career. There are resume writing services, such as Resume Prime, that can create excellent resumes and boost their online posting to help job applicants gain a higher chance of being noticed by employers. You may visit and Resume Prime can transform your online job search into an easy and effortless process.

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