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The Dos and Don’ts of Christmas Party Celebrations in the Office

Many companies celebrate office Christmas party. It’s a special company event when employees will gather and mingle with one another. There are fun games, exchanging of gifts, and mouth-watering buffet! Are you excited for your upcoming office Christmas party? Make sure to follow these dos and don’ts:



Hang out not only with your closest colleagues, but with everyone as well. Use the opportunity to make a good impression, gain connections, and build relationships with new people.

Dress appropriately

Even if you have a “themed” office Christmas party, it is still not a place where you can wear costumes that can be too revealing.  Stick with the suggested dress code that you will be comfortable enough minus the awkward feel.

Show up

Despite the fact that your attendance is optional (in most companies), it’s still appropriate that you join in the event. It shows that you’re a part of the family.

Have one hand to shake other attendee’s hand

It’s quite rude that you don’t shake hands with other attendees you will come across with. Make sure you have one free hand all the time. Hopefully, your event host finds a place with enough surfaces for attendees (including you) to put plates and glasses on.



You come to the office Christmas party not to gossip, but to mingle with your co-workers. Keep the conversation small and casual. As much as possible, don’t confess your clients or issues with them.

Drink too much

Some Christmas parties surprise employees with free booze. Before you think of “partying all night ‘til free booze knock you off,” keep in mind that your superiors are there – judging your actions. Just imagine how awkward and shameful it is to watch you drunk dancing.

Trap a person into long conversations

Office Christmas party is meant for employees to meet and mingle with new people. So give yourself and your colleagues the opportunity to catch up with other attendees, too. Don’t engage in conversations that last up to 15 minutes.

Leave too early

The company spends a lot of time, energy, and money to make this event happen – and leaving in its first hour will make you appear antisocial and rude. Office Christmas party is the perfect place for you to unwind and hang out with your colleagues, so sit and have fun!

Be distracted by your smartphone

Refrain from texting, emailing, tweeting, or posting your status update on social media. This will hinder you from enjoying the party and hanging out with your colleagues.

One bad apple can spoil a bunch. Don’t ruin the office Christmas party with one bad demeanor. Celebrate the holiday season with sincerity by showing love and giving thanks not only to your boss and fellow employees, but to everyone around you.

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