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8 Smooth Ways to Stay Focused while Working from Home

Working from home has many beautiful perks: it saves you time and money to commute, saves you work outfits to wear, and makes you comfortable working in your bed or couch. Many get envious to people enjoying the cozy environment of home-based jobs. Little did they know that more distractions are present – causing them to not pay much attention on the tasks.

How to Stay Focused while Working from Home

If you’re experiencing the same scenario, you’re in the perfect spot. Here are 8 great ways to stay focused while working from home:

1. Relocate.

The freedom to lounge on your bed or couch in your PJs is one of the fantastic advantages of working from home. But there are times when the feel of your workspace gets too comfortable, you feel like slacking off as well. Choose a space in your house where you can be both relaxed and productive.

2. Give your workspace a makeover.

Bring life to your boring, dull workspace with motivational artworks, photos, and nifty office tools. You’ll spend most of your daytime in your workspace, so make sure it’s a pleasant place to work at.

3. Identify your best hour.

Another beauty of working from home is that you have the freedom to control your time. Take advantage of it to identify your most productive hours during the day. When you find out your best hour, work it consistently.

4. Shuffle your to-do list.

Working on your tasks in a repetitive routine can be boring and daunting. Shuffle your to-do list in a week, so you’ll keep focused and inspired to finish different tasks on time and beyond expectations.

5. Prioritize bigger tasks.

Say you’ll spend your ‘remaining’ energy later to work on larger tasks? You’re doing it wrong. Take advantage of your energy and motivation to work on harder activities first. Then you can take it easy on light ones when you finish.

6. Bribe yourself.

Who says working from home has no job-well-done awards? Another way to stay focused and productive is to offer yourself an awesome reward at the end of the day. For instance, you can treat yourself a full-pack dinner at your favorite local diner after you finished your tasks for that day.

7. Log off from distractions.

Turn off your tablet, log off from your social media accounts, and switch your smartphone in flight mode. Shake yourself off from these distractions and get back to business.

8. Work somewhere else.

You can’t seem to find your productive, focused ego at home? Try working somewhere else. For example, if coffee is your work best friend, trot your laptop with you at your nearest coffee shop. You may find inspiration to get your work done in there.

Before you consider working from home, consider yourself and the things that can distract you. If you’re the type of person who can easily get deflected, then a home-based career may not be the one for you. Do you want to know more about home-based jobs? Read our article entitled, “7 of the Ugliest Truths of Work from Home.

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