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30 Career Tips You Probably Don’t Know About [Part 1]

The day you graduated from college is also the day you are welcomed in the “real” world where independence is your best companion. Your friends and family may help you get greater opportunities but in the end, it all boils down to how you reach career success.

We’ve compiled the best—and most unheard of—career-winning tips that will help you in the long run:

1. Don’t complain about Mondays

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It’s like a subtle way of saying, “I hate my job and I don’t want to be there anymore!

2. Sometimes it’s good to share credit even if you did most of the work

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You’ll build a great team by sharing success with your colleagues.

3. Have time for fun after work once in a while

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Ever heard of the British idiom, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?”

4. Give genuine and well-deserved compliments to colleagues

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Make others feel valuable and wanted by giving them a proverbial—or literal—pat on the back. It boosts morale.

5. Learning and contributing should be your main goals at work

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Your wage doesn’t define your success at work your contribution does.

6. Make friends not enemies

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As a grown up, you should treat your workplace as your second home and your colleagues should be your family.

7. Attitude > Skill

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One bad apple can spoil the bunch. No matter how talented you are, you cannot be a great team member if you have a bad demeanor.

8. Being successful is different from being wealthy

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Being wealthy doesn’t automatically equate to being successful. Aim for success and wealth will follow.

9. Bringing smelly food at work stinks your reputation

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Consider other people when bringing packed lunch. Some are more sensitive than others and may not appreciate the strong odor of your fermented fish.

10. Your failures are your greatest mentors. Don’t be afraid to openly talk about them.

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Talking about your failures doesn’t mean you’re incompetent; it shows your willingness to take risks to learn and change your ways.

11. Be better? No, be different.

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If you want to get noticed, go beyond what’s stated in your job description.

12. Your college major is, after all, a plain college major

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At the end of the day, your talent and skillset will do the talking when you get hired for the job.

13. Be kind to everyone, especially in the workplace

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You’ll never know who’s going to help you succeed in the future.

14. You are essentially a small business of one

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Your future employer is your customer and your tasks are to enhance your skills and become more valuable.

15. Don’t look too busy

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Making yourself look busy to avoid receiving bigger tasks will hinder you from taking better opportunities at work.

Whether you’re an employee or a job seeker, may these simple “words of wisdom” help you thrive in the future. Review our best entry-level resume samples to see how our professionals can help you get noticed by hiring managers.

(Note: Second installment of this list will be out soon.)
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