Resume Writing Tips

engineering resume writing mistakes to avoid
Resume Writing Tips

Engineering Resume Writing Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Career Blueprint

Can you still remember your first engineering project? Were you so clueless which bolt fits which nut? I bet you remember the happy dance you …

male professional approves resume writing tips
Resume Writing Tips

5 Efficient Resume Writing Tips to a Successful Job Hunt

Today, looking for a job is really a hard task. In a recent report of the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey and released by …

a man typing a mid-level resume in a laptop
Resume Writing Tips

Your Ultimate Guide to Writing a Mid-Level Resume Effectively

As you mature, your work experience add up and an entry-level resume doesn’t fit you anymore. Time will come when you have to shift to …

perfect resume examples
Resume Writing Tips

Things That Make Resume Examples Perfect

Writing is one best feature that best represents the online world. The Web is nothing without its vital contents: texts, taglines, captions, and many other …

effective resume writing for career change
Resume Writing Tips

Starting from Scratch: 4 Ways to Write a Resume for Career Change

Imagine this, you’ve worked being an engineer for more than a decade, and after the long hours of contemplating and debating with your kins, you …

7 resume words you should avoid
Resume Writing Tips

8 Common Words You Should Never Write on Your Resume

Words go out of date, at least in job application. If you’re a first-time job seeker, a career shifter, or a seasoned pro looking for …

Businesswoman Pointing At Computer
Resume Writing Tips

How to Write a Resume and Cover Letter for High-Paying Jobs

Of course, there are professional people who may change career paths or tries to join a different field. Most people feel they have the credentials …

people showing good managerial skills
Resume Writing Tips

Resume for Managers: Must-Have Management Skills for Your Resume

Whether you’re aiming for a promotion or eyeing for a greater role in a new company, you have a lot to consider when applying for …

Resume Writing Tips

Creative Resume Inclusions and Tips for a Standout Modern Resume

To get your hands on your dream job, you should include some modern resume add ons in the equation. Aside from the trends and layout, …

tell sales resume expert how to fix my resume today
Resume Writing Tips

Why I Sought Help to Fix My Resume for a Sales Career

Years ago, I was in your shoes, a career changer with an outdated resume. After seeking help from a resume critic, I thought to myself, …

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