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The Many Advantages of Using Social Media in Your Job Search

If you’re reluctant to use social media in searching for opportunities, these advantages may help change your mind. In this fast-paced, digital-focused era, social media don’t only help you exchange information online; in the name of job hunting, it also…

… makes you an instant expert.

Do you own a blog site? If you do and you’re still active at blogging, you’d be glad to hear this. According to Lisa Parkin, CEO of social media consultancy, Social Climber (as cited by Catherine Conlan, contributing writer at Monster), blogging helps you demonstrate your credibility and in-depth understanding about your target industry. You can showcase your expertise and skill set by writing news or any relevant topics at least once a week.

… shows you’re comfortable with technology.

According to Brie Weiler Reynolds, director of online content at “the best telecommuting online job site,” FlexJobs (as cited by the same source), having a social media presence denotes that you care about your professional standing and you’re not afraid of using technology.

Reynolds adds, Pinterest is also a “good site” to upgrade your job hunt game and create a visual demonstration of your related experience to the job. Create a board for your resume where you can pin images of your education and work experience/s.

… helps you to learn about a company’s culture.

Not only you can tell your potential employers about yourself on social media, you can get to know their company culture, too. Following the company’s social media profile can help you get an insight about their culture, which will help you see if it matches your preferences.

… builds up your presence on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

We all know that LinkedIn is today’s most popular social media platform for professionals. It’s basically a “social media resume” – or they say – the professional version of Facebook. Having a LinkedIn profile doesn’t only make you more searchable online. It also lets you add or update information and grow your professional network real time.

Here are more advantages, in which both job applicants and employers can relate:

  • Recruitment on social media is low, yet high in ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Employers can spot a handful of fresh potential candidates for entry level positions, because most of the social media users today are Millennials (college students or young professionals).
  • Potential candidates can be searched geographically with higher accuracy.
  • Many qualified candidates will be able to view and read open position/s and send their application fast.
  • Hiring managers can respond to job applications real-time.
  • Companies can market their brand and showcase their company culture to attract potential candidates.

With this handful of perks, there’s no need for second thoughts. Update your social media accounts, brush up your professional profile, or start writing a blog! And while you’re at it, let us give you the best resume samples you will need to give your job hunt game a leg up. From our student to executive resume writing services, our resume experts can help you market yourself effectively.

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