11 Reasons to Stay in Your Current Job (even if You Hate It)

“I hate my current job and I will leave this place!”
How many times have you heard someone say that line? To some people, it’s too often. It’s unfortunate how rare it is for someone to come across another individual who loves what he/she is doing in his or her place of work. It’s more likely for you to encounter someone ranting non-stop about how “unfair” his or her employer is and how much “he or she wants to leave”. In fact, this person might even be YOU.

Current Job Considerations You Need to Think about

If you’re feeling down and exhausted in your current job, workplace, or workmates, don’t be hasty to decide on calling it quits. Take a lot of things into consideration.

1. Your job puts food on the table. Your job–no matter how boring or draining–is your primary financial source. You buy groceries and pay the bills with the money you get from the steady paycheck you receive each month.

2. You have no backup plan. You can’t just quit when you have no new job waiting for you. In addition, you’ll most likely end up being jobless for the next couple of months if you let your emotions take over and not think enough.

3. You check your savings. How’s your bank account? Do you think it’ll be enough to support you and your family for at least six months? If the answer is ” no”, then don’t risk it.

4. You get benefits. One of the best things about working in a company is getting extra benefits (i.e. medical, dental, educational).  It has been proven that a number of employees will stay in a current job that offers great benefits even if the base pay isn’t great.

5. You may get a promotion. When you stayed longer in a company and established yourself, your chances for promotion is higher. If you transfer to a new job, it goes without saying you’ll start from scratch.

Remind Yourself about These, too!

6. You still learn from the job. Unless you know everything you need and have developed all the skills necessary in your current job, you can’t leave yet. Hence, exhaust all your resources first by learning the tasks you’ll need in  future endeavors.

7. You’ll know what you like and dislike. Staying in one workplace for a time helps you tell what you enjoy in a company, an office, your colleagues, and your tasks.

8. You have a sense of purpose. Work gives your everyday life structure and order, keeping you sane and sharp. If you have no work for some time, it may affect your emotions and mental state and the effect may not be good.

9. You have a healthy self-esteem. How many jobless people do you know can still prance around with friends and family? Knowing you have a career and are supporting your family should be enough to make you confident and believe in yourself more.

10. You have an established network and reference. You’ll have a better chance of landing a new job when you’re still in your current job because you’re always around people who can help you in your profession. In fact, it’s easier to ask your manager or supervisor to recommend you when you’ve kept a good relationship with him/her.

11. You check if the grass is greener on the other side. You can’t guarantee that your next job will be better than the present. Many things can go wrong, and you shouldn’t make such an important decision in your excitement.

Our tips may or may not remind you why you should stay in your current job. But always remember, it relies solely on your shoulders. Therefore, even if you resign and take your chances elsewhere, Resume Prime will support you with a helpful and effective resume format.

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Image Source: pexels.com

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