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8 Passion Pursuers and Their Successful Career Change Stories

Is it too late to change careers at 30? Job search is never easy, that’s why established and seasoned people are having a hard time shifting careers to pursue their passion. If you agree that it’s too late, these successful career change stories will prove you wrong and will give you a boost in doing what you love.

Successful Career Change Stories to Inspire You

1. Julia Child – Government Spy to Celebrity Chef

Before becoming a cookbook author and chef, Julia worked in advertising, media, and government secret intelligence agency until she was 50. Her book Mastering the Art of French Cooking remained the bestselling cookbook for five straight years after its publication.

2. Vera Wang – Figure Skater to Fashion Designer

Vera was a figure skater until she graduated from college and worked for Vogue as a fashion editor. With some financial backing from her father, she opened her own bridal boutique at 40 and soon introduced her own signature collection making her one of the world’s premier women designers.

3. Ray Kroc – Salesman to Restaurant Owner

Ray spent more than half of his life selling paper cups and milkshake machines. He was 52 when he launched a McDonald’s franchise and almost 60 when he purchased the company outright and grew it into being the world’s biggest fast-food chain.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Bodybuilder to Actor to Governor

Arnold rose to fame as the world’s top bodybuilder before he became a Hollywood star in his 30s. At 56, he went into politics and became the Governor of California in 2003.

5. Joy Behar – Teacher to Comedian and Talk Show Host

Until nearly dying from an ectopic pregnancy at 37, Joy was a junior high school English teacher. This encouraged her to quit her job, and pursue her dream career—comedy.

6. Andrea Bocelli – Lawyer to Singer

Andrea became interested in music at an early age but pursued what his parents want him to be—a lawyer. After obtaining a law degree from the University of Pisa, he worked as a defense attorney until he left his job to sing full time at 34.

7. Anna Mary Robertson – Farm Owner to Painter

Widely famous as “Grandma Moses”, Anna spent decades living the rural life before she devoted herself to art when she was in her 70s. Her first big break came in 1938 when she was 78.

8. Ken Jeong – Doctor to Actor-Comedian

Before being known as “Mr. Chow” from The Hangover, Ken first earned his medical degree from the University of North Carolina. At 38, after a string of stand-up jobs on the side, he made his first feature film debut in Knocked Up.

However, not all your attempts can turn into successful career change stories like theirs. But if you’re wondering how to change careers triumphantly, our career change advice is to hire an expert resume and cover letter writer that can flaunt your transferable skills.

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