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5 Unique Ways to Make Gift-Giving at Work Extra Special

In the workplace, gift-giving should not be considered mandatory but many people and businesses do exchange gifts, especially during the holidays. That said, people need to navigate the tricky gift-giving culture. Hence, here are guidelines for giving gifts at work. Before you get excited in buying and shopping presents for your officemates, you should know that gift-giving at work is a lot different. How well do you know them? How much are you willing to spend for each of them? If you’re having these questions, let us help you decide.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Gift

1. Make a list

Whether you are buying a gift or doing a task, creating a list is always a smart idea. Knowing exactly the number of people you’ll give gifts to allow you to plan your budget and determine the kinds of gifts that suit them. Of course you know them by heart, but holiday rush sometimes give us the tendency to forget even our closest friends.

2. Personalize

It’s the thought that counts. Thus, gift doesn’t always have to be expensive. Put some twists on gift-giving at work by making it more personalized. How about baking a chocolate-chip cookie for a sweet tooth officemate? Or a do-it-yourself bookmark for someone who loves to read? Not only will they appreciate your effort but also the thought that you know what they need or want.

3. Plan a budget and stick to it

When buying a gift, always consider a quality item with a reasonable price. You don’t want to buy three gifts for one person and none for the others, right? Save time and money by looking for stores and shops that offer sales and discounts.

4. Wrap with creativity

Make your gift-giving at work memorable by wrapping your present creatively. Thus, a well-thought of gift is not only seen with what’s inside but also with how it is wrapped. There are a lot of stores that offer gift-wrapping service for free or you can also watch tutorials and even browse pins from Pinterest for unique ideas.

5. Do some stalking

If you don’t have any idea what to give your officemate this holiday, a little stalking on their Amazon wish list or Facebook timeline won’t hurt. Thus, their posts will give you a hint with what they want to receive.

Gift-giving at work is a good way to show thanks and gratitude to your colleagues. After all, they are the ones whom you share good laugh with. Thus, a little effort to make their present extra special will truly make them happy.

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