a happy male employee showing work satisfaction

Top 11 Signs You Love Your Job Genuinely

Like love, the job you can be so passionate of is hard to find, but it sure is worth your wait. Have you finally achieved work satisfaction? These signs will help you confirm if you’re genuinely in love with your job head-over-heels.

Signs of Work Satisfaction

three happy female employees showing work satisfaction

1. You enjoy the time you spend working.

The time you spend doing your job is never too long or a burden to you because you feel alive and happy by just working on your tasks.

2. You recommend your job and company to your jobless friends.

You never hesitate to recommend your job and company to your jobless friends and family because you believe it’s the best choice for them.

3. You love helping your colleagues.

Helping your colleagues becomes second nature to you and you don’t expect them to do the same for you because you want them to succeed.

4. You have friends at work.

Despite the tight competition, you found friends that can back you up and motivate you to work harder.

5. You hate it when you can’t go to work.

You’ll do everything to go to work because you don’t want to disappoint your coworkers and bother them to do your tasks.

6. You always lose track of time.

You’re too busy with what you’re doing, you didn’t notice it’s already time to eat or go home.

7. You never have Monday sickness.

You don’t understand people who hate Mondays because you can’t wait to get back to work and continue what you have left last week.

8. You work with your manager.

You consider your boss a partner and he or she sees you as someone to trust, value, and treat with respect.

9. You enjoy attending meetings.

You enjoy attending meetings because you want to contribute to finding possible solutions to the problems your company might face or is facing.

10. You talk of your work during breakfast and dinner.

Another sign of ultimate work satisfaction is when you can’t stop talking on the project you’re doing even if your family doesn’t understand or care about it.

11) You never badmouth your boss and coworkers.

Instead of gossiping and saying negative things, you are happy for their achievements and celebrate with them.

If you aren’t experiencing these signs, then you haven’t achieved work satisfaction yet. Do you think of trying workplace recreation activities or already considering another career and finding your “love” in a new workplace? Let the best source of resume samples, Resume Prime, help you make a good start. Check out our resume writing services today!

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