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chart drawn in chalk detailing the impact of COVID-19 to the economy
Career Tips

Best Recession-Proof Jobs (and 4 Helpful Ways to Recession-Proof Your Career)

As the world eases slowly into the new normal, we see how the pandemic affected people worldwide. As the death toll steadily rises, so does …

A cashier working now after placing cashier job description on her resume
Career Tips

How Can Job Descriptions Help Strengthen Your Cashier Resume

Not all jobs remain stable in the time of a pandemic. Yet, as people’s demand for food and other essentials grows during lockdowns, many stores …

Man in suit writing his executive cv
Career Tips

Why You Need an Executive CV and Tips to Write a Good One

There are a host of reasons a job seeker needs to prepare curriculum vitae instead of a resume, especially when aiming for a senior- or …

work addiction Neon lights spelling the words Work Harder
Career Tips

Work Addiction: The Silent Killer You Must Keep Track

You’re probably wondering why you should consider work addiction a silent killer. This is because society views workaholism as being productive. Sometimes, the behavioral addiction …

an applicant looking for a job and targeting resume standards
Career Tips

6 Resume Standards and Winning Traits to Boost Your Hiring Chances

Hiring managers have high standards in finding the most fitting person for the job. Hence, aspirants such as rookies or seasoned pros must present a …

computer programs - influential people
Career Tips

IT Career Job Outlook and 13 Technology Greats Who’ll Inspire You

Although in demand, pursuing an IT career isn’t easy. Further, success in this field requires a creative mind and topnotch coding skills. But if you …

meeting led by a young boss
Career Tips

Challenges First-Time Managers Face and Ways to Deal with Them

Leading and managing a team is a real challenge for anyone, for it equates to greater responsibilities. But if you’re a young boss and it’s …

relaxed while working at home, work from home disadvantages
Career Tips

7 of the Ugliest Truths about Working from Home

For many office workers, particularly millennials, telecommuting is a dream come true. Why get up early in the morning to avoid the rush hour when …

job promotion achieved climbing up the career mountain
Career Tips

Job Promotion: Climbing up Your Career Mountain

Are you familiar with the step ladders of your job? Do you get along with your co-workers? Do you spearhead projects? If yes, aim for …

an office shot - job hopping habits
Career Tips

4 Effective Ways to Stop Your Job Hopping Habit

Lateral movements are highly beneficial to every professional. In fact, you must try engaging yourself in a different company and a different culture at least …

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