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New Career Planning: 3 Critical Points to Heed

When people think about their current life and career, they may be dreaming of turning over a new leaf. They feel excited as they move toward finding the most suitable and fulfilling career—meeting new people and learning new ideas along the way. But how can they move on if they hesitate to leave the company they’ve grown to love over the years? Are you willing to confront and embrace new challenges now that you’re in the middle of new career planning?

As a job seeker yourself, you need to think rationally at this point and set aside your emotional baggage. Plan your new career seriously and waste no time. Do you have a reason for working in the first place? Is it to climb the corporate ladder, to support your family’s needs, or to have financial independence? This article will help you view new career planning on a more serious note.

Factors to Note in New Career Planning

Aside from identifying your priorities in life when considering new career planning, you must note a few factors.

Motivation and Independence

Do you believe you’re self-motivated and dependable to do the job? Employers look for confident candidates. They don’t hire those who hesitate about applying when they get to meet them for a job interview.

Job Location

In new career planning, job location is important in building social networks and working relationships with people. What job are you targeting? Where is it located? Do you dream of working in a monotonous building with a fixed hour schedule or in the adventurous outdoors with a flexible schedule? Do you want a job that will benefit the company or one that will make people’s lives better?

Salary and Compensation

Another important factor in new career planning is salary and compensation. Due to the global recession and other factors, many countries have an oversupply of workers that make the job market bigger and stiffer. And every single day, they compete relentlessly to survive and win in the job-hunt.

With millions of unemployed yet skilled job seekers today, it’s no wonder salaries remain very low. But other factors affect salary rates, such as the industry or the city and country of the company, if the job seeker is willing to relocate. The question you must ask yourself is: are you willing to accept the job even if you expect to get a pay lower than the job you’re going to leave? Are you willing to be away from your family and friends to accept a job in another state or country? It’s best to ponder on these matters as you take on a new career.
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Utilize Professional Resume Samples

Of course, how do you apply for your dream job without a resume and a cover letter? Professional resume samples can be efficient whether you’re writing a brand new application or simply updating the old one in your new career planning. Since your purpose is to create a strong impact to catch the recruiter’s attention, you may need something that will bring an extra edge with the aid of professional resume samples.

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